Snowfalls in Surrey

Snow blanketed Surrey today.
Traffic came to a stand still 
and I was secretly happy.

All activities were cancelled.
Out for a walk, home to rest.
The perfect opportunity to catch up
with Christmas baking and wrapping.
I'll take it!

Merry, Merry !

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  1. ..would just love to experience a white Xmas Jeanne - never have!
    (I know it all turns to mush afterwards, but I have this fairy-tale image in my mind that I will enjoy until I can actually celebrate Xmas in the snow one day)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. So festive Jeanne... enjoy your happy preparations. x

  3. Oh, Jeanne, I am loving your snowy wonderland! So far removed from sunshiney Hobart. Oh, and I love the work you've done on old Henry! J x

  4. Found your lovely blog via Planet Baby. I, too, live in Surrey - so great to connect :)
    XO L

  5. Oh my gosh, so pretty. I was in Cambridge for Christmas and it was very similar there. The trouble was, after 4 days the pavements were just ice, and then life wasn't much fun!
    I've so enjoyed reading your explorations of England: Happy 2011!