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A few months ago I visited Lacock Abbey in rural Wiltshire, England. Founded in 1232, it is descended from a nunnery dating back to 1100 and is now part of the Fox Talbot Museum and village managed by the National Trust. It was also used in the Harry Potter films. As you can see from the photos, we were lucky enough to visit at a time when there were few visitors. That in itself was a marvel. What I will never forget is the wonderful music that filled the air. So peaceful. Today I came across a CD that instantly transported me back to the day of our visit. Called simply, Voices: Chant from Avignon, by The Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame De L'Annonciation. For some, it may be the perfect Christmas gift...it was for me :)

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  1. O, Jeanne, you're so right! "Voices" is right up my alley--I have several collections of Gregorian chants and male voices but nothing feminine.

    Thanks so much for the tip and I'll be ordering on Amazon...now if I could just get the mixpod thing figured out...

    Love this post...makes me think of my post on the 12th century Spanish monastery with all the groin ceilings that William Randolph Hearst moved from Spain to Miami, USA...would you believe it?

    Thanks again, Jeanne, you're the best!

  2. Lovely photos of Lacock and beautiful voices on the video, thank you for sharing that :-)

  3. ....Lacock was the one place I would've loved to visit in October, but never got around to it (enjoyed the Cotswolds too much!) Next time then...