The Travelwrap~ Heaven in a Box

For those of you who have a weakness for cashmere,
I have discovered yet another product which I have
fallen in love with. In my mind, this is the perfect wrap.

Even better, if you are game, you can pop this little beauty 
under the Christmas tree for all your family members.
One for you, one for the Mr. in your life and one for your little lovelies.
I like this may want to win the lottery first
but I promise, you will be wrapped in heaven 
come Christmas morning :)

Niamh Barker is the Founder and Creative Director of
The Travelwrap Company. She was brought up in Ireland
and now lives in The New Forest with her husband and her children.

I like to see women who have an idea and make it happen.
I think she has got it right with this one.

I love that mine arrived in this beautiful box 
with a linen travel sack to keep it beautiful and fresh. 
Even better, they have a reconditioning 
service for the much loved and well used wrap.
The perfect solution to making your wrap last a lifetime.
 Someone is thinking smart!

If you are starting to think about your Christmas list,
order this is good for dropping heavy hints :)

I write about products like this 
because I like them.
No sponsors, just me, 
because that's the way I like it :)

Stopped in at the National Gallery
and saw a beautiful Canaletto

which made me think of Katherine Hepburn 
and you know how the story goes... more here

Finding My Way...Again

One of the follies of trying to 'find my way' is that
I frequently get lost. I set off on Saturday morning
in search of a playing field to watch my son's soccer match.
It was when someone mentioned...'look for the unmarked road and turn left'
that I knew I was going to be in trouble. Lucky for me, I sent my son
ahead with his Dad.

Of course, I passed the unmarked road, as you do, when you
have cars behind you who are not happy with you
travelling at a snail's pace looking for a
mysterious road.

But then, a funny thing happened along the way to the playing fields.
I pulled into what I discovered to be one of many 
unmarked roads and came across a charming church.

 One minute I was cursing English country roads 
and the next minute I was sitting in front of a church.
Was someone trying to tell me something?
Before I knew it I was out of the car and wandering around.
 The clock was ticking but I just had to see.

What is that expression, I was lost but now I am found?
Must have been those few moments of peace because 
finding the playing fields from the church was a snap.

Dad and son were happy to see Mom drive up the road.
Mom was happy too :)

Note to self...never leave home without a post code for the navigating system!


Fondness for Pimlico

I have a special fondness for Pimlico. It is where it all began for our family. 
Mr. H moved to London a year before our arrival in December 2009. 
We managed seeing each other over school holidays and on two occasions
we came to London. Once in April as a family and the last in November, 
on my own, to find a home.

We have fond memories of the time we shared
in the little flat along the Thames River.
So much fun to go back now and follow in my footsteps.
Remembering the days when I walked with
uncertainty over the move from New Zealand to England.

Window shopping in the early hours of the morning...


Stopping in at the local cafe for a coffee..

Taking in the peace and quiet of the park in St. Georges Square...
(more thoughts here)

Appreciating the personalities of the people who reside in these buildings
thru their flowers and ornaments...



A familiar stride to the Tate Britain

and the embrace of Henry Moore as you enter.

Lastly, my favourite painting on my last visit to the Tate on this visit,

My fondness for Pimlico will always remain.

And on that note, the train beckons as school pick-up time draws near.
I leave this time, not by plane back to New Zealand, but by train,
on my way Surrey.

Knowing that I will be back again :)

Around and about Pimlico, UK

Out and about around Pimlico....

A September Morning in Regent's Park

I admit it. 
I do like to seek out those places in the city 
where I feel that I have it all to myself.
Is that possible in a city like London?
I do cheat a is all in the angle of the shot.
But there are times when I really and truly am one of few.

St. Regent's Park (west side)
17 September, 2010
9:15 am

Heading towards a lovely afternoon in St. John's Wood


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A Million Miles Away in Little Venice

I woke up on Friday morning with two choices before me.  

Put on my organizational hat and spend the day
creating a calm and happy home for the weekend.

Toss the organizational hat out the window 
and hop the train into London for a little adventure.

Not a tough decision.

Adventure of choice
Location: London, just north of Paddington, 
where the Grand Union and Regent's Canals meet.  
A place you can see by boat along the winding waterways 
or by foot along the tow path. Regent's Park and the London Zoo 
are en route along with the regency streets of Maida Vale.

Want to go somewhere where you feel like you are a 
million miles away from London?
Try this spot.

Along the waterway...

And a walk thru the colourful lined streets

to Clifton Nurseries along Clifton Villas 

to the hidden gem...Primrose Hill 

Little surprises along the way


What would life be without a little adventure now and again?


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