Butter London's "No More Waity, Katie"

It's all happening. Driving home from the school run this morning 
they declared on the radio that there are 91 days until the Royal Wedding.  

I came across this Limited Edition nail polish from Butter London 
if you are keen to get in on the show. I actually like the colour...if only I had the nails. 

Vanity Fair is keeping tabs on what is going on with Royal Watcher
If you want to follow the latest, have a look here:

Keep your fax machine turned on...the royal family
is sending 'save-the-date notices to guests'!

If you are in for a bit of nail varnish shopping
here a few more colours for you.



Primrose Hill Picnic

The Old Bill

Pearly Queen

Old Blighty

All from Butter London.
Visit website for a store near you :).

Loving Pingush

I could do some serious damage in this store, full stop.
I came upon it at a local Christmas Bazaar in December 
and found it hard to tear myself away from it.
I like to try things on in the comfort and privacy 
of a shop and vowed to visit the store.

The clothes have a wonderful feel and are made from 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca.
The colours are gorgeous and best of all everything looks so comfortable.

Perfect for these chilly English winter days....
T9 Tideway Yard
125 Mortlake High Street
Barnes, London
SW14 8SN
United Kingdom
Phone: 0208 878 1244
Email: mail@pingush.com

images via Pingush

Adele: 21~ coming of age

I have my 20 year old daughter Christine to thank for putting me on to Adele. Christine left recently after a two month visit with us to start her second year of University in New Zealand. Before she left she updated my ipod with her favourite music. We listened to the British artist, Adele nearly everyday. I am so glad she left me with Adele, she has a wonderful soulful voice which is a joy to listen too. Much like Christine's voice if she ever dared to take the next step ;)

This is a great song for the car....makes you feel like anything is possible :)

More on Adele here.

image and video via Adele

A Black and White Day in Trafalgar Square

A quiet morning in Trafalgar Square.
I never tire of this space.
Whether in black and white or in colour,
there is always a surprise or two waiting.

Did you know?

Trafalgar Square was officially named in 1830 to commemorate 
Admiral Lord Nelson's victory of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. 

It was intended to be a cultural space for the public to enjoy. 
The square was laid between 1829-1841.

The National Gallery was completed in 1838 followed by the 
erection of Nelsons Column in 1843.  

The Column stands 185 feet high, the statue of Nelson is 17 feet high. 

In 1845, the fountains were built followed by the bronze lions in 1867. 

In 1876, the Imperial Measures- detailing inches, feet, yards, links, chains, 
perches and poles were set into the north terrace wall. 

The square has been seen as the centre of national democracy 
and protest for 200 years.

Rallies and demonstrations are frequently held at weekends on a range 
of political, religious and general issues. 

I was lucky enough to enjoy it on a quiet weekday morning :)


Upstairs Downstairs

I finally got around to seeing the recent revival of the 1970's BBC series,  Upstairs Downstairs
I have to admit I have never seen the original. I wince when I say that as I know 
 British readers will think that incredulous! I now can't see it fast enough. 
This three part series left me wanting more of both the original and the new series. 

It has everything a good drama should have. Perfect casting, superb set design, 
a great storyline which is all wrapped up to leave you wanting more. 
I am keeping my fingers crossed that BBC will do just that. I may be slow 
on the uptake but there seems to be a lot of these three part series which end
with no indication of what will happen next. The new Sherlock with 
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman was another one.
Loved it...but what comes next?

Back to Upstairs Downstairs....
What I loved most was seeing Dame Eileen Atkins.
I loved her in Cranford and even more here. She plays Maud Holland,
an eccentric upper class Englishwoman who after spending years
with the British Raj in India, comes home to roost and that she does.
Her presence is felt everywhere she goes and her opinions
made me giggle thru every episode. She's got moxie and she is brilliant!
See here:

I am slowly getting the hang of these British dramas. 
They have me hook, line and sinker. 
I managed to watch quite a few over the holidays. 
I guess that was the upswing of being unwell over that time. 
Here are a few that have moved to the top of my favourites list.

I am looking for more suggestions. 
Do you have any favourites?

My Indigenous World and George Smith

I live in an indigenous world....thanks to Mr. H.
 Give the man a six foot hand carved totem, a few spots of leopard 
or an original ceremonial mask and he is one happy man. 

It makes for interesting living to say the very least.
I have decided to try and use this to my advantage. 
I spied with my little eye...a SALE at George Smith 
and casually mentioned that this kilim chair would be 
the perfect compliment to his menagerie.
Hallelujah, I got a curious glance !
SO...I am off to check it out.

This room makes me weak at the knees 
but I have to be careful
as I know Mr. H would see that zebra skin rug 
and be hot to trot for it.

This would do for him...

via Forbes and My Deco

and these would do for me :)

ah... I just love these tufted beauties.
 I see them and think 'shaken, not stirred' :)

George Smith will be holding their 
Winter Sale from 15 January- 5 February 2011. 
They are offering 50% on stock pieces as well as 
20% off new orders and 25% off their fabrics.
You can view stock on their website www.georgesmith.co.uk
George Smith Furniture and Fabrics
587-589 Kings Road SW6
Phone: 020 7384 1004

From Britain With Love

I love new discoveries
and I particularly love this website.
"The gorgeous guide to buying British"

In it you will find 
fabulous products...
baby & child
fashion & beauty
food & drink
arts & crafts
travel & leisure
creative courses
and more.

While you are on the computer, 
here are a few of my favourite Sales 
going on at the moment...

All About You Shop~ A bit of this and that
Anthropologie ~ For the adventuresome spirit
Aspinal of London ~ Luxury items
Brora ~ Fine Scottish cashmere
The Travelwrap Company ~ Luxury travelwear
The White Company ~ For the home
Toast ~ Fashion and home


Third Culture Kids

Doing a bit of soul searching at the moment with Third Culture Kids.

Expatriates, missionaries, military personnel, corporate families, 
international adoptees and more fall into this world. 
A TCK, third culture kid, is a person who has spent a significant part
 of his or her developmental years outside their parent's culture. 
The TCK builds relationships to all cultures, while not having full ownership in any. 
They create their own, "unique" third culture.

If this is all sounding familiar and you would like to read more...

I am still reading and am in the midst of trying to decide which phase 
of the moving process we are in at the moment.

Involvement- when you are comfortable with where you are living.
Leaving--when you start to let go and loosen emotional ties.
Transitions- when chaos, loss and stress reign supreme.
Entering- when you start to settle and nest in your new location.
Re-involvement- when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The book makes for very interesting reading 
and is worthwhile for both parents and older children.

My Father's Daughter in Dublin

I went to Dublin and found Boston.
I know it sounds strange and it was the oddest thing.
Every street corner, every sign post had a familiar ring.

It could also have been the echoes of American accents 
everywhere we went. Were we really in Dublin?
Having grown up Irish Catholic outside of Boston plays a part in this. 
Add to that my college years spent in Boston and a father who loved 
his Irish heritage and it all began to feel very familiar....30 years later.

I finally had a chance to say it my way.
 One 'L', not two, if you please. 
Although I do admit to wondering as I stood
amidst all these O'Neill's why it was that our ancestors 
arrived in the USA with one 'L' instead of two.

It was a short trip, three days in January 
and the weather was cloudy, yet mystifying.

Nightfall was a beautiful sight with
a shimmer of a shamrock by the evening light.

and those colours, 
even in winter they had a way of surprising you.

as for the Guinness....well how could I not?
I am my father's daughter after all. :)

and a good Irish stew has always been a favourite.

We walked and walked and ticked off the list.

We ended with the resting place of Jonathan Swift of
Gulliver's Travels fame. He was Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral
and is buried there. Ah, the Irish...bless them, 
my Dad was right :)

I managed a memento or two, as you do.
If you follow me at Collage of Life you will know
that I arrived in a flu like fog and fell in love with Irish Tweed.
You can find out more about that here...

images ~me