Adele: 21~ coming of age

I have my 20 year old daughter Christine to thank for putting me on to Adele. Christine left recently after a two month visit with us to start her second year of University in New Zealand. Before she left she updated my ipod with her favourite music. We listened to the British artist, Adele nearly everyday. I am so glad she left me with Adele, she has a wonderful soulful voice which is a joy to listen too. Much like Christine's voice if she ever dared to take the next step ;)

This is a great song for the car....makes you feel like anything is possible :)

More on Adele here.

image and video via Adele


  1. How do I not know about this gorgeous singer - will be buying her music! What a soulful voice!

  2. Dear Jeanne,
    oh, it is too bad, but the good looking video is not available in my country anymore...I heard of the name before but don`t know her songs....but I`ll find out!! :))
    Very often I get introduced of various artists thru my daughter,too (and sometimes it`s the other way round...mother is not thaaat old...!)
    So, it`s fun to hear what the youth is listen to.I love it.

    Have a wonderful week, Jeanne!I always love to hear from you...Beate :) XXX

  3. Our family love Adele too especially Rolling in the Deep which has become my eldest daughters running song whilst she trains to run the London Marathon for Epilepsy UK! My youngest daughter suffers from epilepsy and it is a horrible cruel condition that is life changing for sufferers so this is our motivational song for the Taylor Family!!

  4. Dear Jeanne, Oooh! I love this! I must go to iTunes now and buy her latest. I've always been a fan. I might have to repost this video now I've seen it here, with a link of course xx

  5. I have actually planned to do a post about Adele this year! Hasn't she got a great voice! Thanks for tweeting about this post-so glad I popped in to listen. Maybe you could even link up to my first Sunday Song post for the year!

    I am following you on twitter too. Thanks for following me.

    Best wishes,