A Black and White Day in Trafalgar Square

A quiet morning in Trafalgar Square.
I never tire of this space.
Whether in black and white or in colour,
there is always a surprise or two waiting.

Did you know?

Trafalgar Square was officially named in 1830 to commemorate 
Admiral Lord Nelson's victory of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. 

It was intended to be a cultural space for the public to enjoy. 
The square was laid between 1829-1841.

The National Gallery was completed in 1838 followed by the 
erection of Nelsons Column in 1843.  

The Column stands 185 feet high, the statue of Nelson is 17 feet high. 

In 1845, the fountains were built followed by the bronze lions in 1867. 

In 1876, the Imperial Measures- detailing inches, feet, yards, links, chains, 
perches and poles were set into the north terrace wall. 

The square has been seen as the centre of national democracy 
and protest for 200 years.

Rallies and demonstrations are frequently held at weekends on a range 
of political, religious and general issues. 

I was lucky enough to enjoy it on a quiet weekday morning :)



  1. Great photos Jeanne and thanks for the info. too! XX A good weekend to you...

  2. Great photos Jeanne! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the fourth photo down. Columned buildings are so regal!

  4. Beautiful photos! Very atmospheric.

  5. Great shots Jeanne.....a wonderful place to visit...I often think it must be the 'heart' of London...xv