My Father's Daughter in Dublin

I went to Dublin and found Boston.
I know it sounds strange and it was the oddest thing.
Every street corner, every sign post had a familiar ring.

It could also have been the echoes of American accents 
everywhere we went. Were we really in Dublin?
Having grown up Irish Catholic outside of Boston plays a part in this. 
Add to that my college years spent in Boston and a father who loved 
his Irish heritage and it all began to feel very familiar....30 years later.

I finally had a chance to say it my way.
 One 'L', not two, if you please. 
Although I do admit to wondering as I stood
amidst all these O'Neill's why it was that our ancestors 
arrived in the USA with one 'L' instead of two.

It was a short trip, three days in January 
and the weather was cloudy, yet mystifying.

Nightfall was a beautiful sight with
a shimmer of a shamrock by the evening light.

and those colours, 
even in winter they had a way of surprising you.

as for the Guinness....well how could I not?
I am my father's daughter after all. :)

and a good Irish stew has always been a favourite.

We walked and walked and ticked off the list.

We ended with the resting place of Jonathan Swift of
Gulliver's Travels fame. He was Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral
and is buried there. Ah, the Irish...bless them, 
my Dad was right :)

I managed a memento or two, as you do.
If you follow me at Collage of Life you will know
that I arrived in a flu like fog and fell in love with Irish Tweed.
You can find out more about that here...

images ~me


  1. It looks lovely! (And I love Boston too!) Ireland is on my list of must see places. One day ...

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time despite the flu, I love Dublin and Guinness only tastes how it's supposed to in Ireland.

    Happy New Year Jeanne, hope you have a good one.
    Lots of L&Ks

  3. What beautiful church interior shots!

    It's funny to think of Dublin and Boston being so similar, but you're right in that it makes sense when you consider how many of the Irish settled in the area.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  4. Oh, Jeanne, thanks ever so much for transporting me back to Dublin, one of my favourite cities. Just glorious. Those coloured doors had me swooning when we visited. I hope you're on the mend now. J x

  5. Did you go to my favorite coffee shop ~ Bewleys?


  6. Hi, from Greece,
    Your blog is lovely !!
    Happy New Year !

  7. Jeanne...Thanks for the tour. I've never been to Ireland though I think I have some of their blood in my family tree. Your photos are great.

  8. I love Boston. My son went to college near there, and my dil went to BC.
    I have never been to Ireland. My sis and bil go twice a year, he is Irish born. They are there now.

    The spellings were changed as they went through Ellis Island many times. There are many different spelling for my maiden name.
    Loved your pics!
    Happy Sunday!

  9. Always terrific to know more about you Jean. What a fabulous life you have lead and are leading!

  10. Really enjoyed this. Your photos are gorgeous and I miss being there. I love Dublin, and all of the Ireland I have seen. Always feels like coming home even though I'm not from there. (I like Boston too, and only visited after I'd moved to London!) x