My Indigenous World and George Smith

I live in an indigenous world....thanks to Mr. H.
 Give the man a six foot hand carved totem, a few spots of leopard 
or an original ceremonial mask and he is one happy man. 

It makes for interesting living to say the very least.
I have decided to try and use this to my advantage. 
I spied with my little eye...a SALE at George Smith 
and casually mentioned that this kilim chair would be 
the perfect compliment to his menagerie.
Hallelujah, I got a curious glance !
SO...I am off to check it out.

This room makes me weak at the knees 
but I have to be careful
as I know Mr. H would see that zebra skin rug 
and be hot to trot for it.

This would do for him...

via Forbes and My Deco

and these would do for me :)

ah... I just love these tufted beauties.
 I see them and think 'shaken, not stirred' :)

George Smith will be holding their 
Winter Sale from 15 January- 5 February 2011. 
They are offering 50% on stock pieces as well as 
20% off new orders and 25% off their fabrics.
You can view stock on their website
George Smith Furniture and Fabrics
587-589 Kings Road SW6
Phone: 020 7384 1004


  1. Just fantastic, Jeanne!In my imagination Mr. H. is like John Wayne or Hardy Krüger (do you know this german actor?) in the movie *Hatari*! Rough men, heroes in our eyes...willing to face the danger and the wilderness of the african bush! :))
    My heart is beaten for both styles!I like the wonderful and elegant chairs you have choosen, but must admit, I have a weekness for these stunning *ethno* objects...
    The kelim chair is just eye candy!

    Have a successful *shopping* weekend...Beate :) XXX

  2. Ah, the joys of holy matrimony :).


  3. Oooooh Jeanne - I adore these George Smith Kilim Chairs!! Remember I blogged about George Smith a while back and showed my Kilim chair I got from Istanbul? Do let us know if you get one - actually you will be feeling the waves of envy flowing from Melbourne to Surrey before you tell us!

  4. Sarah...I do remember your chair and thought of it when I read about the sale. I love your chair!! It came up when I did a Google Search on George Smith...I imagine lots of other people are loving it too :)

  5. Beate...I can tell you Mr. H will be grinning from ear to ear when I mention your comment. He is a huge fan of John Wayne and I am sure knows of Hardy Kruger too. When I first met him all those years ago he mentioned that he loved the old Tarzan movies. I knew I was going to be in for a few surprises right then and there :) summed it all up perfectly!!

  6. HELLO i guess i need to go to sleep now... of course i LOVE your blog and i so apologize... my sweet friend jeanne...... xx pam

  7. Ah, I have looked longingly at these kilim chairs many times...
    Thanks for directing me to your blog - I feel a meander coming on!

  8. OK and I picture MR. H as a Cary Grant type...tall, dark and handsome and a sense of adventure and humor with you the beautiful lady by his side! As for the kilim the one with the leather seat,...ummm to die for!!