Third Culture Kids

Doing a bit of soul searching at the moment with Third Culture Kids.

Expatriates, missionaries, military personnel, corporate families, 
international adoptees and more fall into this world. 
A TCK, third culture kid, is a person who has spent a significant part
 of his or her developmental years outside their parent's culture. 
The TCK builds relationships to all cultures, while not having full ownership in any. 
They create their own, "unique" third culture.

If this is all sounding familiar and you would like to read more...

I am still reading and am in the midst of trying to decide which phase 
of the moving process we are in at the moment.

Involvement- when you are comfortable with where you are living.
Leaving--when you start to let go and loosen emotional ties.
Transitions- when chaos, loss and stress reign supreme.
Entering- when you start to settle and nest in your new location.
Re-involvement- when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The book makes for very interesting reading 
and is worthwhile for both parents and older children.


  1. It does sound familiar. We have moved to five different countries over the course of 10 years. There are challenges definately. I love that our children are flexible and accepting and that other third culture children are also. I love that this weekend my 13 year old daughter who has lived in five countries can pick up a conversation with another 13 year old girl on a beach in Indonesia this weekend, that has lived in four different countries also, and that they can spend hours and hours in contented talking.

  2. I had a good friend in college who was a third culture kid, if you will. He was very well rounded, and very unique. His view of home was very different from mine, which has always been very small, as I've lived in the same state in my whole life. I can truly say, though, that knowing him helped broaden my horizons and made me realize that you can make anywhere home if you want to.

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  3. sometimes i feel like i'm in all of the stages at the same time. :)

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