a little french hideaway...

Ok...maybe not so little :)

Looking for a little weekend getaway in France? Here you go...
Le Moulin de Tuilerie in the town of Gif-sur-Yvette is waiting for you.
I read all about it in my weekend paper and have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

This little pied-a-terre was the former country weekend home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 
Whilst they lived in many places, this little spot was the only house they ever owned. Cecil Beaton 
was a regular guest and his presence still lingers with his signed prints on the walls.

The property is owned by The Landmark Trust...it's first in France. 
The location provides easy access to Paris..35km south-west. 
Versailles is close at hand or you can just enjoy
the tranquility of the home and gardens of Le Moulin.
It sleeps 12...and you can bring your dog.
Sounds perfect to me.

I read about this in my weekend paper, the FT Times. I think the columnist, 
Ian Hargreaves said it best as he closed with..
At Le Moulin, I guarantee that you will not find yourself thinking about rent.
You will find yourself thinking about the Windsors' lives and, so, about yours. 
It's one of those rare places that once visited never leaves you. Thrilling"

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

To Book: here
To read FT review: 

images via Landmark Trust


  1. It looks amazing! I would love to visit!

  2. What a gorgeous place!! Just saw the movie "the King's Speech" and from that and what I have read, it does not seem like a wonderful love story. If it had been, you would gaze at this place longingly as a romantic get-away that must have been idyllic. As it is, it is just a pretty spot.

  3. {Swoon!} I am putting this in my 'France Folder' which keeps expanding... Thank you for sharing ;)

  4. Hi ladies..
    Good point Donna!! I can be so daft sometimes ;) I changed it to ' a little french hideaway'....
    ok, maybe not so little...but it's cute! I did not mention the price to rent it...ohh. laa, laa!
    As you say....it is a pretty spot!
    Have a great day all !!

  5. It looks absolutely lovely. I didn't know that the National Trust owned anything outside of the UK. Do they have properties in any other countries?

  6. Hi Val...I thought it was The National Trust too..it is owned by The Landmark Trust. Confusing, I know!