English Eggs and Soldiers

I marvel at the little things I have discovered 
whilst living in England.
One of them is egg cup cosies. 
These are too cute for words!

Why an egg cozy? 
Why to keep your soft boiled egg warm of course.
An egg cozy is often accompanied by toast soldiers.
A popular treat for many English children. 

For you knitting enthusiasts.... 

A nice little lovely for Easter morning :)

You can find the top cosies at Toast.
The bottom cosies as indicated.
Toast images via Woman & Home Magazine
and egg image via The Terrier and The Lobster


  1. What a fun Saturday morning post. I adore the Toast catalog.


  2. I grew up with egg cosies as a child and recently whilst cleaning out my Mum's craft cupboard we found a stash of them which I brought home and have promptly misplaced.

    Thank you for this post as you've reminded me to find them and get them in readiness for The Gifts' Easter morning breakfast.

    Phew, I have a couple of weeks up my sleeve!

    Felicity x

  3. I had a little Noddy one when I was little...wish I still had it :(