An English Winter's Day in Surrey

School drop off today and I had to stop to take a photo.
I have been eyeing these little snowdrops for the past few mornings. 
They are just popping up at my son's school, like a little ray of sunshine.
It was a mild, sunny, beautiful day today. 
I wonder if this is a typical English winter's day.

Onto another school run to my daughter's school and a 
beautiful tree waiting for me.
Could someone help me with the name of the this tree? 
I am thinking cherry but it seems to early.
Either way I will take it as I have a sneaking suspicion 
we have not seen the last of the snow :)

What sort of weather are you experiencing at the moment?

Apologies for the quality...a little drive by photography with my iphone :)


  1. Incredibly cold here.
    But not as bad as Chicago!

  2. I was pottering around Spitalfields today, and it wasn't too cold!

    I adore snowdrops, they bloom just when we need them the most. I was wondering if the tree could be an amelachier but it is a bit too early for it to be flowering I think?

  3. Don't even ask! lol! But these images have warmed up my heart today!

  4. Gorgeous photos, you always manage to capture the best of England ! Makes one miss it so much !

  5. Snowdrops! How lovely.
    I'm afraid I'm awful with tree names...