From my Kitchen Window

Here I sit, coffee in hand and staring out my kitchen window. 
I still can't believe that it is 27 February and I am looking at Spring. 
There is no denying that it out there. 

It reminds me how the English love their gardens. 
I marvel at the enthusiasm and beauty of their creations.
One year on and I have to admit I am getting a wee bit excited too.

I have to remind myself to curb my enthusiasm as our
humble abode is an expat corporate rental which
I affectionately call 'The Rental' (original, I know).  
I am resigned to pottering and puttering 
until we can set our roots down once again.

Until then, I will embrace and enjoy the English seasons.
For on this day, at this time, it is home :) 

How about you? 
What can you see from your kitchen window?



  1. I see green glass gazing balls sitting in pots of green moss. Two mammoth stone pots full of still sleeping Annabelle hydrangeas. Two smaller stone pots full of wide awake orange pansies. A Brown Thrasher splashing the the bird bath. And way out back, near the studio, a human sized copper frog sits on a tiny hill, reading a book.

  2. This really does look like spring. Beautiful, what a beautiful Sunday-view. Is there an end-date set for your stay in England?

  3. Pamela...can you come over and tell me what is outside my kitchen window?? Yours sounds perfect! end date in sight just yet. A few years is all I know :)

  4. There is snow on my kitchen deck and beyond that I can see the large evergreen tree that is still decked out with Christmas lights. While this may be tacky in other New England towns, resort areas in Vermont like to stay in the spirit until mud season (the month when snow melts into the earth).

  5. Lovely view from the "Rental".

    Outside, I am seeing snow on top of snow. Spring is on it's way, but until then, I'll take your daffodil siting and hold onto it with great hope!

    Thanks for this beautiful glimpse!

    You're killing me Jeanne!

  7. Standing at my kitchen bench I look through large double doors which open onto our back verandah.

    The eye skips over the outdoor dining setting, past the tennis court and onto the fresh green leaves of the Australian bush, which at this time of the day [7:45 am] is alive with birds.

    We have just had the best gift of serendipity ever, a visit from a baby Kingfisher in our pool area, SO exciting and a truly wonderful way to start our week.

    xx to you Jeanne,


  8. Beautiful beautiful pics, Jeanne! What a view you have from your kitchen window!
    The spring flowers are awesome - we walk through a park on our way to church and were so blown away this morning by the sight of daffodils and crocuses - in all their lilac and yellow and white glory. Awesome!
    The view from my kitchen window is of a small dock filled with boats and daily visits by swans - and it looks so lovely when the sun shines on the water!
    Sunshine xx

  9. The neighbors house and bare branches ... sigh ... spring IS coming, isn't it?

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by Town and Country Mom and becoming a follower! I am so impressed that you write five blogs--good grief! I'm sure I'll be finding the others as I have time! I love this one!

  11. Ah, gorgeous, Jeanne. I can feel your spirits lifting. Well, it's a sunny, summery Hobart day but cloudy, too - those cumulus clouds are friendly and puffy enough, not a portent of rain. I think my washing on the line will dry.

    Looking out onto our veggie patch, I can see some ripening cherry tomatoes, ripe strawberries, mint, runner beans and potatoes which are probably ready to be pulled up. Hmm, some work ahead for Mr PB next weekend! J x

  12. I hate to have to admit it, but, yes it sure does look like Spring.

    what can I see out of my window, the last of the tomatoes ripening, anddahlias starting to bloom ( a sure sign of an approaching autumn)

    Sigh! 1st March tomorrow, and Autumn is just around the corner.

  13. No windows Jeanne! (apartment living for you..) but within 10 steps I have a view over grey skies and loads of space that will soon be filled with more skyscrapers....Arabian sea in the far distance...

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog... we in the great NYC have no spring in sight... have gone from snow to a downpour... your flash of color made my day!!

  15. Last night it thunderstormed all night...loud boomers, the dog barked and we all woke, but I love the sound of a storm. This is all on top of much still existing SNOW! School was called off today because of flooding. Last week it was off 2 days, one for ice, the other for heavy snow. What a mix!!

    P.S. Yes, you ARE a tease!!

  16. At this moment the view from my kithen window is almost a foot of snow that's fallen in the last week or so. Sadly, it will be at least a few more weeks before any flowers will begin to bloom here.

    Thanks for posting the lovely pictures of your flowers! They make me jealous, but also serve to remind me that spring will indeed come!

  17. I live in Boston, MA and we have had 75 inches of snow this winter. Today it is raining ice, so your pictures were welcome! It reminds me that while it appears winter will never end, it will eventually be Spring!


  18. Spring coming to England, so wonderful. From my kitchen window, I see the Bay of Salamina, in the Aegean Sea. Not a bad view. Spring is arriving here, too, and I love it. Sherry

  19. As usual I see snow! I actually posted about it yesterday among other things.

    Love your blogs!

  20. Dear Jeanne, what a beautiful view you have. You have inspired me to tidy up my garden a little bit! xx