From Waterloo to St. Paul's

The sun has it's charm around London but there is something 
about those grey skies that I find enchanting...almost Dickensesque.
On this misty morning, I made my way from Waterloo to St. Paul's.

I like to gather my thoughts after a long walk and this seemed
 like the perfect spot. From my chair I had the best vantage point.

St. Paul's Cathedral is so enormous that it is nearly
impossible to capture it in it's entirety.  
To me, the story is in the details.

I did not realise at this point in time that we were about to embark
to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral. When we did, it made for an 
interesting study as I looked up and then down.

I often find that far reaching views in a large cityscape 
can be monotonous. I like to look for the interesting features. 
The sun was peaking thru the clouds here...just barely.

For someone who does not like heights, I found this overwhelming 
yet was mesmerised by the, people, 
lines, lines, lines, everywhere you looked.

It was so nice to come back down and rest my eyes 
on something peaceful.




  1. I am glad that you can enjoy the grey skies, as well.

    Check out my blog on Wednesday, Jeanne. I am sending some blog awards your way.


  2. My favorite line "the story is in the details." Thanks for the lovely, peaceful post!

  3. Beautiful photographs and commentary - this is an awesome city, even when the skies are grey.
    Sunshine xx

  4. I recall you mention one of your daughters goes to school in New Zealand.

    Best thoughts send your way for her safety.

  5. I also love the grey and the way it weaves it's way through everything and gives the city a bit of a glow; it seems to unify things.

    Your photos pick up that glow so beautifully,finding the glorious details in the grey! Just Lovely!

  6. How lovely! It is rather Dickens-like, with the fog. Thankfully, though, a good deal of the black smoke of that era is gone! I cannot even imagine how dirty London was in those days.

    We had the pleasure of going up in St. Paul's when we were in was so very beautiful. Someday I hope to see it again!

  7. we began with a grey morning here, but the sun is shining in full right now!
    I love that breathtaking view from the top of St. Paul's. Youngest daughter insisted on making the climb, even though she too is terrified of heights. She was doing just fine until we hit the metal staircase and she could see right through! Took a full 1/2 hour to get her to the top...and then we had to repeat the process to get her down!