Get Up and Go to Wisley Gardens

Some days you just have to get up and go. 
When Mr. H mentioned that he wanted to see the butterfly
exhibit at Wisley Gardens on Saturday I have to admit 
I did not run to the door. 
I thought traffic, crowds, people...on a Saturday? No way.  

But then again, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, 
we had a few hours to ourselves and off we went.

I am so glad we did.

Exotic butterflies and tropical plants were waiting for us 
in the exhibit Butterflies in a Glass House. 
I can tell you now, it was the perfect outing.

I admit trying to photograph butterflies with a camera lens
that wanted to go into permanent fog mode was a bit tricky
but I managed a few none the less.

From there we strolled thru the gardens...

Best of all we managed lunch in nearby Ripley where
more butterflies were waiting :)

If you are looking for a fun day out and a casual lunch,
try Wisley Gardens and lunch at the Talbot Inn.

Just get up and go:)


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  1. Gorgeous wonderful pics, Jeanne! I need to follow you around one day and ask questions about camera settings etc. You do a phenomeol job!!

  2. How lovely! My husband has become quite the fan of butterflies in the last couple of years and loves to photograph them. I bought him a macro camera lens for his last birthday just for that, and he was thrilled!

    I must say that I'm rather jealous of the spring look of England! We won't have daffodils or jonquills for another month or so here.

  3. What a perfect day and thanks for the images of Wisley - its years since I have been. Such a lovely place. XX

  4. Ah, you know how I love butterflies, Jeanne! Pure prettiness. And I adore your new header, too. J x

  5. Incredible photos! Can spring be far behind?

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I'm loving the flowers! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  7. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing this little bit of spring loveliness!