A wedding, a gift and the man draw

I think I have the fever...the royal fever. I have never been one for commemorative items
but I have been known to get swept away in museum and gallery shops. I stopped in at
Kensington Palace yesterday and just had a little 'squiz' in the shop.  The saleswoman 
and I became great mates...talking expat assignments and travels to Papua New Guinea.
She is good at her job!

In addition to several other items, I bought two of the items below. 
She said one of them was the last one in the shop. 'It was so popular!' 
How could I not? Can you guess which one?

How about you, do you have any collectibles 
tucked away in your home?

Items available at Historic Royal Palaces

Do you think Prince William will have a man draw
or will Kate? I am the one with the draw in our house.
A spot of English humour
which has had me laughing for days :)


  1. Hi there, I found your blog through your Collage of Life post entitled Sunshine in London! That is the name of my blog and I write about being a South African in London, so I can relate to this blog of yours too! Stunning photos on Collage of Life, there's nothing quite like London when the sky is blue and the sun shining.
    It's quite difficult not to get royal fever over here!

  2. You are talking Londoneze, Jeanne...don't know what "squiz" or "draw" IS??!? Am feeling stupid but the whole romance is just too adorable to watch! So refreshing!!
    PS...thanks for your prayers for our friend's baby...they are still testing.

  3. Oops...sorry Donna...to have a 'squiz' is to have a peek or look around and the ' draw' is the one in the cupboard that holds all that stuff that you never look at but can't throw out either :)

  4. That was hysterical Jeanne..thanks for the laugh,much appreciated this snowy morning!