A Royal Charmer

Kate Middleton's first Royal engagement.
By all account, a successful one.
She is positively glowing!

Brings back memories of an other
Royal Charmer.

Images Daily Mail


  1. What a darling girl and we remember with fondness the "other charmer."

    It would be lovely if they could find happiness in their marriage.(like you and Mr. H.)


  2. Isn't she a delight?
    And by the way, I couldn't resist a little commemorative pill box at Hampton Court!!

  3. Wow, I really hope this is all going to turn out OK for them. Is the UK media making the whole thing a circus or have they learnt any lessons?

  4. Hi Jeanne,

    I'm back -- checking out your other blogs! How do you manage to keep so many going? Well-done, you.
    I just noticed Kate's "snowdrop" bouquet . . . you really do see her big smile first!

    Is that a coat or a dress, do you think? I need some "smart" winter clothes. I seem to live in jeans and warm jumpers all through the winter months.

  5. Oh how lovely she looks - can't wait for the wedding! So looking forward to it....xx

  6. I can't get enough of this stunning couple. They seem perfect for each other. I'll be watching the wedding from the other side of the pond.

  7. She's going to be a brilliant princess....so looking forward to the wedding..