A Train to London

 "8:32AM..Train into London...early start, a tweed day..8C"

This is how I started my day...on a train, playing with my new
iphone app, Momento. It is a daily journal and I think it is one 
of the coolest so far...but more on that later.

"9:00AM..arrive Waterloo en route to Kensington."

I was on my way to a meeting and could not resist a few
pics as I wandered the streets in search of my end destination.

"9:45AM....new discoveries.."

I love London for many reasons and one is the architecture.
Maybe it is all the period dramas I have been absorbed in lately.
It is so much fun to stop and take in every little detail.

even better when I come across something like this...
if only we could turn back the clock to see it 
in it's former glory.

I had to throw in a little bike love 

and a little bag love.

A few welcoming entries greeted me along the way...

"1:30PM Meeting a success...a little shopping(here).
Back to train...home :)"

The first day of February 2011, 
my first outing,
my first entry into Momento 
for ipad,iphone and ipod touch. 

If you have one of the above and like to 
write in a daily journal, check this out.

Signing off for February 1 2011...

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images taken on my iphone
bottom images via Momento


  1. I just love your little tours through London...I so wish I could join you one day!

    Best wishes,

  2. I love these little trips you take us on. Great shots!