An English Garden in Shropshire

Wednesday morning....Sunshine!

The kids are off to school, coffee is on the table and my bowl of porridge is at hand...sigh. 
One of the pleasures of a these few minutes of the day is the time to catch up with the 
weekend paper. I am always changing my mind on which is my favourite and in the end 
I buy them all, hence five days to read one days worth of papers. This morning I came 
across this book review in the 19 March edition of The Telegraph and wanted to share. 

Cressida Connolly, author and contributing writer for The Telegraph gave The Morville Years 
5/5 stars. This books seems to have it all. From the nuts and bolts of gardening to references 
to the the type of daffodil described in Wordsworth poem. You can read the review here.  
What made me get come along to the computer and write this post?  Cressida's parting words 
at the end of the review...

Swifts opinions are no less enjoyable than her learning. She observes back gardens 
from a speeding train, or swoons at the smell of the first mown grass of the year. 
Preserving fruit, she observes: "What is it about jam-making which seems to 
require that it be finished after midnight, however early I start?"- with which anyone 
who has made marmalade recently will agree. She makes black fruit salad and goes 
out in the dew in her dressing gown. Anyone who decrees that "there ought to be a 
law against August" is worth reading.

I thought of many readers when I came across this passage...Pamela and Itztru to start...
Off to the bookstore today, to add to this book to my morning reading :)

Best wishes for a glorious day from she who swoons at the smell of freshly 
mown grass anytime of the year.

Image and Review here


  1. I can just imagine that early English and very welcome Spring sunshine in your kitchen with the porridge... Delish.. The books sounds pretty good too..xx

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I read Katharine's previous book The Morville Hours and love it.

    I live in Shropshire and didn't realise she had followed it up with another. I will getting a copy as soon as I can :-)

    If you are interested I reviewed here previous book here.

  3. Yes, when I saw this review my mind immediately went back to the days when I too would roam my gardens in my bathrobe with morning tea in hand!