"A Lot of Good People"

New Zealand Women's Association
Comfort Funds 1937

I went along to a luncheon hosted by the New Zealand Women's Association
at New Zealand House in London yesterday. I attended as an member
of the Australian Women's Club. There I was, sitting in the middle of a table, a group
of New Zealander's to my left and a group of Australian's to my right and I thought life
could not get any better than this. The blend of accents and laughter was heartwarming. 

I was an unknown to the New Zealand group and I am sure they wondered 
who this woman was with the American accent and a smile that lasted the entire duration 
of the luncheon.  I felt if I had this name tag, perhaps it would have made it easier to understand:

American born, Australian
citizen, lived in New Zealand
and now living in England.
Future destination: Unknown

I started chatting to the woman seated next to me and she remarked how the world had changed since she was a young woman. I would say she was in her early 70's. She left New Zealand by boat in the 1960's to follow the man she loved. She said it was a difficult time in her life. I wish I had more time to learn more. She loves England and has made it her home. I gathered from our conversation that she was now on her own. She is an artist and her name is Lind Anso.  Before I left she passed me a card to an upcoming exhibition featuring her work. I was delighted.

 I asked about the painting and what inspired her to create it. Lind told me that she was visiting friends and watching on as they were preparing for a Halloween costume party. The man seated is having 'ghostly' makeup applied. She viewed the scene in a reflection from a mirror. If you happen to be in Lincoln from 21 March-3 April 2011 you can see Lind's work at Sam Scorer Gallery.

It was wonderful to meet Lind and other members of the group. We had spectacular views of the city in the Penthouse of New Zealand House and lunched on food prepared by each of the members.  A raffle was held to raise money for the the Earthquake Appeal in Christchurch. Something close to my heart.

It was a New Zealand home style affair in the heart of London with a few Australians and me. 
Just a lot of good people enjoying each other's company.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.
May you enjoy the company of a lot of good people :)

Jeanne xx

PS..apologies for quality of  art image.
It was a bit worse for wear by the time
I got home.

top image here


  1. What a wonderful time, thanks for taking us with you!

    I love meeting older women. I find myself enthralled by their stories and their wisdom so wisdom.

    Speaking of stories, I love yours. I am envious of you in living in all of these different places. What a beautiful tapestry you are weaving.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for your comment Marion! I like your analogy of weaving a tapestry...if only I was not all thumbs at it!
    This expat life has it's ups and downs but I would say this event was most definitely one of the ups :)

  3. What a wonderful point of connection for you all and how fabulous to meet Lind.

    Here's to a terrific weekend ahead,

    Felicity x

  4. What a gorgeous affair for you, Jeanne. There must have been so much collective wisdom in that small room. Wonderful. J x

  5. I did not realize that you were an Australian citizen. Your afternoon sounds like the perfect occasion for a tck (third culture kid) like me.


  6. Good for the soul to be among others who are also finding their way or can take your hand and walk you down their path.