My Pashley and Joni Mitchell

Some of you may know that I fell in love last year...big time,
with my Pashley bike. The love affair is about to begin again
as she comes out for a little spring cleaning.

Pashley and I like to ride the back roads 
to get to town and pick up a few goodies for the basket.
We make a great team. 

I am thinking it is time to purchase a gift or two for
Pashley. She deserves it. I have had my eye on a pannier
for the back wheel in the past. This may be the time to go for it.

After viewing this video...I am thinking one of those capes
is just the ticket for me. My kids may disown me but
hey, you only live once!

In my mind there is only one place to shop. Bobbin Bicyles.
I regularly stop onto the website and drool over the selection.
This video has given me all the incentive I need to pop into the store!

Before I go....
did I ever tell you about Joni?

Mr. H and my son Connor got her 'looking fine' over the weekend.
Joni is named after Joni Mitchell.
The perfect music for a top down kind of day.

Best wishes for a fab day!!

Jeanne xx

Images~ me


  1. Oooh, such bike envy!!

    I share similar tastes to yours i think, in books too!

  2. Jeanne, you're so lucky to be living in a country where biking is more the norm. I love the bike, and I would definitely go for that cape, too!--Joe

  3. Belinda...very good news to hear we have similar taste!

    Joe..thank you and I think you are right, the cape would add a little 'joie de vivre' to my life this year. I just noticed that the same as my initials...I like the logo!

  4. I'm wild about your bike! And thanks for the book recommendation . . . I just completed *Life Among the English* and quite enjoyed Macauly's sense of humor.

  5. Emily, I am so glad!!

  6. Ah, a bike with a basket. Nothing better!
    All the flowers you can carry!!

  7. Am extrememly envious of your Pashley Jeanne - do think you need to spoil her with a pannier for the back, for sure!! x

  8. Hi that bike...and even LOVE IT more that you actually ride her!! LOL My soul mate bought me a lovely tangerine Towney a few years ago...and I have yet to really take a decent ride on her...oh and to make it even more wonderful neighbor...also bought one in a beautiful blue. We were going to take such ride together...but you know what they say "the best laid plans.....". LOL LOL



  9. I love both of your 'rides'. This spring I am definitely getting a new bicycle. I was about to last week when more snow was forecasted. I don't want to get it and then not be able to ride it. Have fun on your spring jaunts - I know you'll share with us!

  10. I so love the idea of riding a bike...wind in my hair and up my skirt so to speak....but it terrifies me...that and having to wear a high-visibility-vest and helmet!!

  11. Now that meets my romantic vision of bike riding! Yes, cape (or poncho)! How about a bell?

  12. I had a bamboo bike a few/many years ago that ad a similar basket and i loved to ride it!! I loved to look at it too...a beautful thing! I have stopped riding and wish I had not, don't have the bike anymore....your Pashley makes me envious again! Good exercise and wonderful fresh fun! We have temps in the 20's so it could snow any minute...again!
    Enjoy your spring!!

  13. That's such a nice bike, a bit like the Beg Bikes (as in "sit up and beg") I did a post on the other day... I'm just too scared to ride in London which is a shame. Have a good week xo

  14. Zara has an adorable cape right now -- simple & khaki -- I think you should go for it!