Strolling along East Molesey

Some days you just have to go with the flow. 
We did, yesterday afternoon, on Bridge Rd. in East Molesey
within walking distance of Hampton Court Palace
Mr. H and I were making our way to the River Thames for an afternoon stroll. 
The horses had the same idea and we were the lucky ones in the car behind them.
This is a great street, filled with wonderful cafe's, antique shops and galleries. 
Next time you stop into Hampton Court Palace to walk in Henry VIII footsteps, 
pop over to Bridge Road. Who knows, I may see you there:)

image via P. J. Dale


  1. Ha! I just realized! I know right where this is!

  2. To me, this is the wonder of England - to walk in the same steps, sit in the same church, drink in the same pub as people did centuries ago feels like such a strong connection to history, to the strength of time.

    What a wonderful picture!

  3. How lovely Jeanne.. what a great photograph. I bought the most favourite of my oil paintings in an Antiques shop in that very street... And thank you for really lovely comment you left at my work blog about the article I had written - you are so kind. X