Beautiful English Landscapes

We managed a few outings over the weekend. Everything came slowly and at our own pace...a perfect weekend. Our only mishap was the attempt to get up to Box Hill. It seemed that every child in a 100 mile radius was attending the annual Easter Egg Hunt. No is close at hand and we will try again another day.

We popped into Banstead Common to give Tika a run around. It was a quiet spot with vistas as far as the  eye could see. Thru the woods and peering into a family garden. It was a nice way to end the day.

Today was closer to home with a trip to Claremont Landscape Garden, a National Trust property. This spot is rich in garden history. 'In 1726 it was described as the noblest of any in Europe'. Much has changed since then but you can still glimpse a few areas of the garden that were magnificent features of the time, an island and pavilion, grotto, camellia terrace and more. Today we felt that we had it to ourselves, a welcome sight after our experience at Box Hill.

One long weekend down, another one to go in a few more days. 
Happy days in Surrey :)
Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week!

Jeanne xx


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  1. Hello Jeanne:
    How beautifully serene these quintessentially English scenes appear to be, and what glorious weather you seem to have had over the Easter weekend. Today, in Budapest, it has rained and so we have not ventured out.

    We were interested in your making mention of a boarding school [sigh], and wonder if you are considering Lancing College. Built as part of the Woodward Foundation it has, as you probably know, the most wonderful chapel set high on the Sussex Downs. And, of course, it has an excellent reputation for music. The 2010 girl chorister of the year is, we believe, at Lancing.

  2. Hi Jane and Lance
    Thank you for your comment. How lucky you are to be in Budapest, I would love to visit someday!! Yes, we are looking at Lancing. Since the original post, I removed that section but I understand it is a beautiful setting and it also ticks many of the boxes we are looking for in a school. I will be sure to check out the chapel :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous!
    And all under such blue, blue skies.

  4. Wonderful photographs - love seeing how the Spring is coming again as our Autumn creeps up on us here. Can almost smell the bluebells - sigh. xx

  5. Blissful pics. Has England ever looked more lovely than this last week? xx

  6. I love your explorer's heart, Jeanne! And your photos are lovely - a perfect antidote to a rainy day in NY!