The Cantankerous Doc Martin

 Don't mind me...I am just declaring my love for the British TV comedy drama, Doc Martin
A few of you very kindly put me on to this show and for that I must send my thanks. 
Our entire family is loving it. I just wonder where I have been these past few years 
and how I could have missed it. I am now a devoted fan of Martin Clunes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, I will warn you now that
you will often sit in wonder of this cantankerous doctor. You will love him one day and
want to hit him the next. The cast that supports him are fantastic...each with their own
quirky personality. They have had me in a fit of giggles more often than not.

Actually, I am not sure which I love more, the Doc or the gorgeous location of the show. 
We have not been to Cornwall yet, but I know where we are going when we do, Port Isaac
(apologies to the locals as I understand they do not appreciate tourists). I have yet to see 
a rainy day in the series but I imagine it is just as charming rain or shine.

I am nearly done with Season 4 and eagerly await Season 5 
which I understand is coming out his she smiles whilst typing.

The beginning....the first episode.

The real Martin Clunes..
This is for the Martin Clunes fans amongst you. 
He is so charming!


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  1. Doc Martin is absolutely the best thing on TV. I hope I was one of the ones who called the show to your attention via my blog. I discovered it quite by accident this year. It is on two different PBS stations in my area. I've finished Series 1 and I watch Series 2 on Wednesday nights and Series 3 on Friday nights. I'm in no hurry to finish and go on to Series 4. I love, love, love the characters and especially the setting. I've never been to Cornwall either but will definitely go to Port Isaac one day. As "Auntie Joan" says, "It's not one of those chocolate box villages."

    I thought Martin Clunes looked very different with the longer hair in the video. Can't wait to send it to one of my friends who is now hooked on Doc Martin thanks to my recommendation.

    xo, Rosemary

  2. Another Doc Martin fan here!!!

    I have been so for years and cannot understand why it has taken so many of you so long to discover this amazing series.

    I am going to brag now....we have been to Port Isaac (where the series is made). It is a lovely village and it was great to see all the shops/houses/schools etc. that play such a large part in each show. I even have a photo of my husband sitting on Doc Martin's front steps....I highly recommend a visit if you ever get the chance!

  3. You are the second person to recommend this series to me, so I must give it a look. Right now, I am loving Downton Abbey!

  4. I love British television. I wonder if we can get this on netflix.


  5. Ah, so that's how it started! As you know, my addiction started with Series 3 and I'm now watching Series 4.

    Finding my way in England would have to include a trip to this village!

  6. We love Doc Martin here at Juniper Hill. One of the great things about this series is that it's more than just a British comedy hee-haw fest. It touches on some serious topics, like cancer (can't get much more serious than that), lost loves, and the difficulties of forming new relationships in small communities. Doc can be a curmudgeon for sure, but he also has the patience of a saint to put up with the antics of some his new neighbors, especially his receptionist! Seasons 1-4 are available through Netflix.

  7. Glad to see I am in such good company here! I just finished Season 4 and like everyone else, am ready for Season 5. I read that they film May-August...that explains the gorgeous weather in all the episodes ;)

  8. favourite scene took place in his kitchen with the red wine etc...I'm sure you must have seen it already.
    Btw, just saw an amazing movie on - Le Silence de la english subtitles, but beautiful.

  9. Oh, I am sooo happy you like Doc!! We are simply in love with everything about that show. The location.... the dogs.... dear Mr. Clunes.... Everything! Can you even imagine living in a spot that gorgeous?? I would get nothing none for daydreaming. Now that I think about it.... I get nothing done for daydreaming right here!

  10. We adore Doc Martin and thank you for putting up the video of his interview!

  11. I recently discovered Doc Martin and I am sooo addicted! My husband and I watch an episode (netflix streaming) almost every night! I love everything about the show, from the crazy characters (I adore Stephanie Cole, from Waiting for God) and love the romantic tension between the Doc and Louisa. So happy to be among other fans! I do hope to get to England one day, I want to see Port Isaac and also the Lake Country from "All Creatures Great and Small". - Lana

  12. Son pocas las series que de verdad te atraen, Doc Martin es la mejor, salida de los super héroes y llena de un sentimiento que no determino el gusto que siento, espero ansioso el próximo capitulo, ahora se que nuestra sociedad no es tan diferente, un "BRAVO" por la serie.

  13. Me encanta la serie, me encanta el doc, el pueblo es bellísimo, es excelenteeeeeeeeee!!!!