England's Finest

 It's party time in London!
Everyone is showing support for the Royal Wedding in their own special way. 

From the very grand at The Ritz Hotel

to the local corner flower shop,

to the artisan's window,

and the very posh shops of Jermyn Street.

Grab a seat, 

be mindful of the weather..

as we celebrate the happy occasion!

More photos and news from around London, here.

with exception of bottom photo ( postcards) 


  1. Oh to be there for a spot of pageantry and romance. Please cheer loudly on my behalf, Jeanne!

  2. Such a wonderfully sweet time to be living in England. You are as close as most of us are going to get . . . so thanks for these great updates.

    Happy wedding day. I am getting up early . . . baking scones and having tea . . . while watching the wedding in my pajamas. Nice.


  3. How lucky you are to be there in the middle of this wonderful event for the English.


  4. I've been invited to a tea tomorrow to watch the festivities on Tv. Such a historic event...bet it's fun to be you and watch all the hoopla there!! Have fun!!

  5. I am so excited that I can barely wait! Very pretty pictures-Thanks for the inside scoop! Hope you have a lovely day :)

  6. Lovely shots! I was away and so pleased to have your fabulous photos to remind me of how beautiful it all must have been. Did you see the union jacks on regent street? I was thinking of heading over today to see if they're all still up.