If you had one year......

Dear friends

Every time I pass this house, I look over my shoulder and think...just one more.  I feel joy with each glance. Mr. H and I pass this house every Saturday morning when we walk to town for the weekend papers. Walking in pace with another can be so revealing. I find that it is not so much the destination as the conversation along the way. Step by step you learn more and more.

A few posts ago I mentioned the winds of change (here). It seems, with each walk, the wind blow stronger. Your future is before you...ideas come forth, thoughts start to take shape, a plan needs to be developed. So, in the wee hours of this glorious Saturday morning, I have one question to ask you.

If you had one year left before you moved on to a new home, town or country, what would you do? How would you make the most of it?  As always, your thoughts are most welcome and appreciated.

Best wishes for a glorious Easter!

Jeanne xx

in winter...



  1. Dear Jeanne, I know from your blogs that you are one of the worlds explorers, I think you should take a few weeks out, when you can and go on a huge road trip stopping off wherever the mood takes you.

  2. Dash, I love the way you think! I was thinking the same thing :)
    Mr. H and I are planning to do just that, on our own, thru Cornwall and Wales, in September. Thanks for the suggestion...it is sounding better and better the more I think about it. Boy, what an adventure that would be! :)

  3. Hello Jeanne:
    Our decision to move to Hungary some years ago was so much a spur of the moment thing that we did not have time to reflect on the outcome. In the event, it has been a move we have never regretted for a moment.

    In some ways not having time to think means that every moment is lived to the full and 'goodbyes' are kept to a minimum. We are certain that, whatever, you will seize the day, Jeanne.

  4. I've moved only a few times in my life and have lived in this same town for the last 40 years! Knowing the area so well, I would take time to really see the people I love the most.
    Being there, I agree with Dash...you have this one last bit of time to explore and drink it all in...like that fine house you pass on your walks.
    What an adventure life holds for you, Jeanne. I'm sure you are savoring each moment!

  5. I think a road trip is great! I wish I had explored certain areas more when I had lived in California, Florida, Maryland, Pennyslvania and Georgia! At least it gives me a reason to go back! (:

  6. You have such a great ability, Jeanne, to live in the moment and explore where you live. I would just keep doing what you are already doing.


  7. If I had one year, I would travel, I would keep a journal of my adventures and every days and I would also examine how and what I gave back to the place that I shared for a while. I have no doubt you'll be doing all of this and more.

  8. Dash definitely has the right idea. Explore the area with the ones you love - that will make it all so lovely.
    WIshing you and your family a lovely Easter.

  9. What a beautiful home, the wisteria is just lovely...If I had one more year...I would slow down, look at everything a little closer and enjoy where I am a little bit more and remember how lucky and blessed I am...

    I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable Easter!!

  10. You should definitely go to the Dennis Severs' House!!
    And perhaps do the coastline walk in Cornwall. And the last time I was in Scotland I stayed a couple of days in Glenfinnan along with a group of delightful people on a horse trekking tour through the Highlands. That sounded like perfect bliss to me! Tour Buckingham Palace in August. Have tea at Claridge's at least once a month. Perhaps order a pair of bespoke shoes! Stay at Knockinaam Lodge for a week. Go to the book festival in Wigtown whilst you're there. Oh gee. Just a year???

  11. Go on a roadtrip - visit the places near by that will be too expensive or difficult to visit once you're far away, but that you never got around to while you've been living here.

    Photograph a lot!

    Stock up on favorite things you usually buy from your local area so you can bring it with you.

    And then leave a permanent mark somewhere in the house/garden. It's so fun when you find inscriptions etc from people who lived in your house before you. Like measurements of children's heights etc - or a 'x lived here from...'

  12. Having lived an itinerant life (well more than half of it anyway)I almost always left a place thinking why the heck didn't we go there/do that/see that while we lived there. Can you remember what you promised yourself you'd do when you first moved to where you are now? If you can, and you haven't...I think that's the answer :)

  13. I'd live just as I'm living now - on the farm with a trip interspersed here and there to mingle with other folks, see how they live and return home sated and happier for the experience.
    Each day, I try to live with intention and purpose, forgiving myself when I, invariably, fail but loving myself for having tried.
    Life is tough; generally, the best I can do is the most I can do.

  14. I would see everything I possibly could and take a million photographs! You always take us on the most marvelous journeys, Jeanne. We'll follow you anywhere!