Mother and Son on an Adventure

We are in the midst of a three week school break. My son was a sweetheart and sat patiently while I made a presentation at a meeting yesterday. It went longer than I expected and a treat was in order. He received lots of hugs and kisses for taking it all in stride. We then made our way to Somerset House for a quick peek.  When I suggested it was his turn to pick an activity, his eyes lit up and off we went to BFI IMAX with the biggest screen in all of Britain and the biggest pair of 3D glasses I have ever seen. 

A tender tale of the love between mother and son.
A perfect way to end the day :)

Images: Movie: and me


  1. Your handsome movie companion looks just like you!

  2. Love it! what a wonderful day and great photos - both of London and your handsome guy!

  3. Now that's what I call quality time - lucky boy , lucky mum!!
    wishing you both a good weekend