A new blog, a new challenge....

I am creating a new blog but it is not for me :) It is even better than that. I am creating it 
for the Australian Women's Club of London, a group that I have become actively involved with. 
The blog is designed to provide a space for members to talk about their favourite places around 
London and beyond. What better way for an expat to make the most out of her time in a 
new country. I am in research mode and discovering all sorts of new things which I plan 
to bring to my readers @ Finding My Way in England

I would love to know... do you have a few favourite spots around London? 
You may live here, you may have travelled to London or you may plan to visit one day. 
Whatever suggestions you may have, let's talk. 



  1. Oh, Lordy be, Jeanne! You never cease to amaze me. Still, you're the perfect candidate - bravo you for offering to help. What fun it should be! J x

  2. As an Australian who has visited but not lived in London, I just love Kew Botanic Garden on a summer day.

  3. Columbia Road flower market in the old east end on a Sunday....Actually I have many favourite spots...LOndon is that kind of city...it runs very deep....xv

  4. Wonderful tireless Jeanne, what a good thing to do. London is such a busy tangle in my mind that it's difficult to isolate any part of it, but some of my best memories are of the Royal Opera House - heightened unreality amid London's own unreality.

  5. In London - wandering along the South Bank.
    Outside London - take the trian to Brighton from Victoria or London bridge and enjoy the Lanes, the sea and the eateries.


  6. I'm looking forward to the posts you'll be writing about favorite places in London. Add to the list the Chelsea Physic Garden-- a quiet little retreat just around the corner from me. Out of town, I adore Waddeson Manor, and really enjoyed Castle Howard this past weekend.