Royal Sunshine

The sun is shining, with good reason!
A beautiful celebration :)
If you missed the service, here are a few pics 
along with the photo above.


  1. Lovely! She really is so radiant!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm in Los Angeles, but you would be proud of me! I was under the covers with my laptop purring to watch the whole thing in the utter dead of night!! Wasn't it just divine??!?!

  3. wishes to you :))

    Pamela...I am so very proud of you!! Watched like a Royal Trooper. Wasn't it just amazing? I was teary the whole way through. William looks so much like his Diana...every little look was like a playback in time. I am such a sentimental fool! Hope LA is treating you well :)

  4. I pray and wish for them all the Very Best! I recorded the wedding on several channels and have been watching all weekend; each time I cry for what was, what wasn't, what will never be and what will be for those two wonderful young people.

  5. In our house we were 1 crazy Scotsman and 1 equally crazy American up @ 4 a.m. to catch each detail of the day. The wedding was truly spectacular and we were thrilled to soak it all in.

    Cheers to William and Catherine and to all the people of England who truly know how to do weddings in a royal way.

    Deb : )