Boys in white and a good chair

My son has taken up cricket... a sport I still don't understand.
He enjoys it and that's all that matters...well almost.
A good chair is essential too!

Jeanne xx


  1. I remember those days, Jeanne, when my kids played soccer! I'd carry my chair and an umbrella. Soon my grandkids will be old enough to play and I'll be hunting for a good chair again.

    Good luck to your son's team!!

  2. Hello Jeanne:
    We must confess that neither do we understand the game of cricket but to watch it seems a perfectly harmless, possibly enjoyable, way of passing a summer's afternoon.

    We do like the picture of the deckchairs used to illustrate this post.

  3. Right Jeanne, as a mum of 3 cricket playing sons, and wife of a cricket playing husband, we need a sit down with a cuppa, and i could talk you through the basics!!

    I have to say, I think it is a pretty wonderful game, and I do enjoy the spectacle it creates. However it does go on for ages, and a really comfy chair is vital. Suncream, much warmer layers of clothes than you think you will need (I just have coats, blankets even in the car or a bag!), and a thermos of coffee are all good. A bottle of wine if it is a gorgeous evening and there are other mum friends going has been known!Could be frowned upon by some I suppose, so wouldn't advise it early on!

    Toys for younger siblings dragged along is vital, ditto snacks.

    Have lots of fun supporting your boy, it is a quintessentially English experience!

  4. Belinda....I like your way of thinking and I think I want to watch cricket from the same vantage point as on a gorgeous evening, boys in white and a comfy chair...I could grow to love this quintessentially English experience!! Thank you :)

  5. lucky you. i don't understand it yet either, but it's such fun to watch anyway!

  6. :-D I don't understand it either! Who actually does? But it's so gentlemanesque to look at.

  7. I should of added up all those times sitting on the side-lines watching the kids play their sports. I never thought I'd say this but I do miss it. Good for your son Jeanne; cricket sounds like great fun!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  8. My son and your son would get along famously if they ever met! I am really not a fan of it but hubby and son love it and so that's all that counts. Rugby season has started over here and that is a game I do understand!

    Hope you find a nice comfy chair for this weekend...I am on canteen duty so I won't be getting much rest at all!

    Best wishes always,

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