Isabella move me

 If you were with me today,
we would have stopped in at Isabella Plantation
in Richmond Park, London.

It is just as well that you were not with me as 
I got lost....and did the loopty loop several times
around the 8 mile perimeter drive.
That happens to me a lot. :)

It really wouldn't have mattered 
because Richmond Park is a site to behold, 
50 ponds
550 acres of woodland
11 gates (I now know them well)
Seven car parks (know them by heart)
20 mph speed limit (oops)
Two 18-hole golf courses
Four rugby pitches


650 deer
150,000 trees
1,350 species of beetle
750 species of butterfly and moth
450 species of plants and ferns
400 species of fungi
130 species of bees and wasps
119 species of birds
and two Shire horses ( I thought the same thing)

I eventually found my way :)

Isabella Plantation dates back to 1637
and is filled with many of the specimens listed above.
In bloom at Isabella Plantation throughout the year...
Spring: camellias, magnolias, daffodils, bluebells
azaleas and rhododendrons.
Summer: Japanese irises, day lilies, candelabra primula,
flowering straz trees and fragrant magnolia.
Autumn:  Fothergilla, Japanese acersa and tupelo trees are ablaze in colour.
Winter: Witch Hazel, Mahonia and Rhododendrons 'Christmas Cheer' 
are in bloom with early camellias.

With this knowledge, I embarked on a stroll, with friends, around the Plantation. 
My only regret was that I was doing it midday, not the best light for this amateur photographer.
Alas, I persevered, knowing that I could come back, on my own,
when the timing and lighting would be just right.

 We passed thru the gates, in and out again

and then a thought crossed my mind...

Is it possible that Philip Treacy drew his inspiration 
for Princess Beatrice's hat from Isabella? 
(Imagine the gate photo upside down.)

With that thought in mind, you and I would have left for
 Pembroke Lodge to have a coffee.

 We would have admired a spectacular view and 
would be happy to spend several hours doing so.

The only problem with me is that I am easily distracted.
While my friends were looking out, I was zooming in.
How could I resist?

I so admired this woman below...she has great sensibilities.
Hat, portable chair and a bag filled with
plenty to keep her occupied.

Ah well, there is always next time.
I am bringing my hat, chair and carry all.
Care to join me?

Isabella Plantation photos~me
Princess Beatrice, here.
Information on park


  1. Hello Jeanne:
    To our absolute shame, we must confess that we have never been in Richmond Park and so have never discovered the Isabella Plantation. We have so enjoyed this tour where everything has been looking so colourful and so fresh.

    We are inspired to vist when next in London.

  2. I definitely would have loved to join you! Your photos are beautiful, midday sun or not. Loved this post!

  3. Your posts about London are helping me plan my trip in September. So many things to do, and of course I won't be able to see everything I would like. But Richmond Park sounds like a great destination. And I have never been to Kew Gardens which I've always wondered about since I read the story "Kew Gardens" by Virginia Woolf. And speaking of her, I am tempted to take a day trip to Monk's House and Charleston, which also has gardens. But I would be there for all the Bloomsbury decor in the house! Anyway, it is always so much fun to plan a trip and your blog has been an endless source of inspiration for me!

  4. Looks lovely!
    I would love to go!
    You take amazing photos!

  5. I just love to get lost, and have to say that Isabella Plantation seems to be one of the most beautiful places for getting lost! What a joy!

    I love your image of the gate - and the hat that it "inspired"!

    As always, may day is made more beautiful by a visit here. Thank you!

  6. These images are wish I had known of this before my England trip last year!!

  7. Stephanie...You could join me any time, I would love to get photo tips from you :)) xx

    Sunday...I should thank you as you have now given me a few new places to think about. Kew Gardens is next on my list and I wonder if I should read the book before I go? Monks House, Charleston, Bloomsbury much to think about! Many thanks :)

    Thank you Marion...the feeling is very mutual, believe me! x

  8. Monks House, Charleston - I want to go.

    Loved this post, I was oohing and awing over the beautiful pictures and then laughed out loud when the picture of Princess Beatrice came up. That is so funny!

    Beautiful - it has been put on my 'must see' list for my next visit.

  9. It's always an absolute joy visiting here and seeing London through your eyes.
    When I saw the photo of Princess Beatrice I was reminded of Cinderella and her two step-sisters. There's an unfortunate resemblance in dress between the two Princesses and the two step-sisters.

  10. So funny - we were there a few weeks and got so lost too! We wandered around for an hour in the park, unable to find it. Once we found this little oasis, we did a little gig :) It was beautiful (and free!) XOL

  11. Jeanne,

    What a wonderful adventure! I do so wish that I could have shared a walk in the garden with you. The peace and the beauty is captured so wonderfully in these photographs. I wish that you gave lessons on photography, that is something I must work on, and you do take the most beautiful images! I am continually amazed.

    I hope you have a wonderful day,

  12. Ladies, I would have loved to share this walk with you!