Monarch of the Glen

Dear Lads and Lassies!
I just have to send out a big thank you to those of you 
who put me on to the TV series, Monarch of the Glen.
I started this series earlier in the year and sat with tissue box in hand last night 
as I signed off on the very last episode.What can I say? It was a lot of fun :) 
My favourite character was Hector. 

For those of you who would like to rekindle the magic, here is a little
trip down memory lane for you. 

More on Monarch of the Glen, here and 
on Bogliedom, a devoted fan club to the show, here.

I managed to run thru the Doc Martin series as well and am eager for more!
Dear readers...more recommendations ??


  1. Oh I loved that series Jeanne. It was obligatory Sunday evening ABC viewing back in the day!

  2. MC Beaton's "Hamish Macbeth" is one I've enjoyed. I just wish someone would film a series on Agatha Raisin!

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    That was a great series but as a big fan of Netflix here in the US, I can heartily recommend the following series, too:
    1 - - McLeod's Daughters (goes on & on!)

    2 - - The House of Elliott (excellent!)

    3 - - Ballykissangel

    I've found the best series to watch are from Great Britain - whenever I am so fortunate as to be in the British Isles, I "hunker" down at night and watch BBC, etc. You have marvelous TV in your country & I do envy you so much!