Royal Academy of Arts...Watteau: The Drawings

Antoine Watteau

I went along to see the Watteau: The Drawings exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts. It is a major retrospective of Jean Antoine Watteau's (1684-1721) drawings. At first glance I wasn't sure what to think, but as I walked around and took in each of the drawings, many created in red chalk, I quickly appreciated the beauty in the detail.  The exhibit is an intimate account of the creative process that went into his work. The focus is on his drawings with one or two examples of his finished work. They fill an entire wall to ensure we appreciate evert little detail....and I did. You can see more examples of his work, here.

The exhibit is on at the Royal Academy of Art until 5 June 2011.
It is worth the visit :)

Images: 1, 2-5


  1. I love these drawings and I especially like the little red touches.



  2. Hi Jeanne; Watteau's work is beautiful. Somewhat simple yet very detailed too. What a great exhibit to attend. I found my way to your blog through Pamela @ House of Edward. I noticed we read many of the same blogs. I look forward to reading about your life in England.

    Cheers ~ Deb