A Singular Beauty in an English Garden

I was standing in front of this enormous building below wondering how I could 
capture the beauty in one small detail. By the entrance, trailing up and past
this lamp, a singular beauty with a trail of followers behind.

If you have not stopped in to Collage of Life to read
about the beautiful gardens at Loseley Park, you can do so here.

They took my breath away :)

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xxx


  1. Hello Jeanne:
    It is years since we were at Loseley Park but which we do recall as having the most lovely gardens.

    Do they, did they, run a dairy herd from which is, was, made the most delicious icecream? Or, possibly, we are confused.

    Have a happy and relaxing weekend too.

  2. So beautiful Jeanne! If you ever wanted to, you could surely run photography tours. I'd sign up!

  3. How lovely! Thanks for the recommendation: I just completed the quite witty *Life Among the English.*

  4. So beautiful! The building is truly amazing, but then this beautiful flower appears and takes all of our attention! Love that!

    The image itself is wonderful. It took my breath away, too! If I stay with the image long enough, I can almost smell it's fragrance.

  5. Well done, quite a lovely idea to find the essence of something. Have been there as well and was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your photos

  6. Sweetness indeed.
    I love the juxtaposition of the old stone and the new and fragile life of the rose.

    Thank you for sharing.

    x Felicity

  7. So lovely. I read your post on Collage of Life and really enjoyed it. Love your blogs.

  8. I haven't been by to your other blog but am on my way right now! Looks like you have found another stunning spot for me to put on my UK Bucket list!

    Best wishes always,