Travel Notes: Loire Valley, France

The elegant chateau and town of Saumur in the Loire Valley, France
Photo copyright Jean-Daniel Sudres

We have planned a two week holiday in the Loire Valley this summer.
I normally start to think about a trip a few days before we go which leaves me 
very anxious once we arrive. I always wish I had read up a bit more.
This time, I plan to do it right.

We have our accommodations sorted. Mr. H had an agenda, 
which was to get as far away from the crowds as possible.  
Quality Villas came recommended to him. He found a chateaux 
and after much discussion with the owners of the house, a deal was struck...
 the donkeys could stay. This seemed to be a deal breaker for him 
although lord knows why. I think he may have second thoughts when the 
chorus starts in the morning. I am a little anxious about this one.

I plan to fill in the gaps with things to see and do on this page. 
If you have any suggestions, I wholeheartedly welcome them. 
If you are planning a trip yourself, stay tuned. More to follow.
I just needed a starting point and now I have one.

Jeanne's Travel Notes: Loire Valley
From Anthony Peregrine of The Sunday Times: 
Six recommended chateaux
Chambord, Chenonceau, Chinon
Amboise, Clos Luce and 
Villandry and Chaumont for keen gardeners.
Chateau de Chambord
Photo copyright Patrick Giraud

Ornamental Gardens of Chateau de Villandry's

Le Pot de Lapin
35 rue Rabelois, Saumur
Tel: 02 41 67 12 86

La Table de Bergerie
La Bergerie
49380 Champ Layon
Tel: 02 42 78 30 62

Restaurant Le Gambetta
12, rue Gambetta
49400 Saumur
Tel: 02 41 67 66 66


Have you been to the Loire Valley?
If so, any suggestions?

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Images via Bugbog


  1. Hello Jeanne:
    It is years ago since we were in the Loire Valley, which is indeed lovely. We remember Chambord as being vast with countless empty rooms and the most wonderful twisting double staircase. It may, of course all be different now.

    Whatever, we are sure that your holiday will be marvellous. Leave space in the itinerary for plenty of coffee stops!!

  2. Haven't been, although I just made a small mental trip right now:-) Sounds wonderful. I must start to plan my many dreams, so little time.