Where two Houses meet as one....

The Palace of Westminster is also known as Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace. The history of the building spans 900 years from the times of Anglo-Saxon kings. I have photographed it from many angles and never tire of finding new ones. If you would like to read more about Parliament's history, the Houses of Parliament ( House of Commons and House of Lords) and the role they play in British society, read here.

Londoners have been passing this statue of Richard the Lionheart ( Richard I) 
in front of the House of Lords for the past 150 years.

View from Victoria Towers Garden.

Students in study of The Burghers of Calais

A study in detail.

Victoria Towers Garden monument in shadow.

The Buxton Memorial Fountain.

Last but not least, Big Ben in all his splendour
in the wee hours of the morning.

Walking along the Thames in the morning light.



  1. I really enjoyed this beautiful tour Jeanne! Terrific photographs! Have a wonderful weekend ...

  2. I love that I'm rediscovering things about my country and childhood city through your words and camera lens. Thank you!

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2011

    What beautiful photos - thanks for sharing. I was inside the Houses of Parliament this week, it was so amazing and fascinating.

  4. I love those views of London Jeanne..I never tire of BIg Ben ....xv

  5. Hello Jeanne:
    Such splendid images of London. We were, as it happens, there yesterday and came across a number of previously unseen/unnoticed statues/sculptures along the Embankment and in the gardens there. All most interesting.

  6. How beautiful. Thank you for posting all these great photos of London. I am planning to visit in September and your blog is making me very excited for this trip!