Enchantment in a box....

I stopped in at a local Antique Fair on the weekend and picked up a few vintage postcards and photos that were tucked away in a box. It wasn't till later that I realised that there was correspondence on the back. I am not sure which is more enchanting....



  1. These are so charming! Like little messages from the past. I think you picked some beauties. Please do send on your address so that I can return your postcard. xoxo

  2. Oh, I miss letters and postcards! I miss the time when people wrote letters and postcards on a regular basis. I loved writing letters to my friends when I was on vacation in the summer and also remember taking time out of each day on my first trip to Europe to write postcards from each city. These look so wonderful!

  3. I love the post cards! What a wonderful find. I agree with the comment by Sunday Taylor, I too miss the days of "snail mail" as they say. I love to send cards and letters written with my favotire fountain pen and wished more people still did that. I think that it is like getting a little gift when I open my mailbox and find a letter or card from a loved one.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth