Malus Royalty

I came across this plaque in a garden recently and thought it was very clever. To mark the occasion of a birth, a tree, Malus Royalty, was planted in honor of what I imagine are two very special young girls. I started to think of the possibilities for a gift like this. They are endless...

If you are looking for a gift to last a lifetime,
this just might be the ticket.

Writing whilst traveling in Christchurch,
New Zealand via BlogPress from my iPad.
I am still learning..please excuse. :)


  1. For birth...we've planted trees in memory of a death but I like the idea of it being done for a birth...what a beautiful idea!

  2. What a wonderful idea!

    I had read a book once where each time a woman from the famiyl got married they planted a tree at the famiyl homestead.

    Hope the trip is great! And that you have not had any more after shocks.