The Story of a House...

A couple of months ago, 
I was sitting on a park bench, waiting for my car to be serviced. 
I could not help but notice this house in the distance.  
It stood out from across the way with it's light blue trim 
and I quickly fell under it's spell.

 Naturally, I had to get up closer and being the good blogger that I am, 
I had a camera with me. This house cried out for TLC. I took a few photos 
and have since passed it many times. I noticed that someone had the good sense to buy it 
and I hope they will keep the integrity of the house. I often wondered what the house looks 
like inside and what the new owners will do with this historical home.

Today, my curiosity got the best of me and I was delighted 
to find a link to the house.

Since history is everything in England, I enjoyed reading...

The house was built circa 1700 in the Reign of Queen Anne.
 Past owners include the eminent General Sir John who served 
in the Napoleonic Wars, a 19th Century Publisher, Leonard Seeley 
and more recently a distinguished water chemist, Dr Ewart Akeroyd, 
who pioneered survival kits for WWII seaman and air crew. 

There you have it.

Many of the period features of the house are still intact. 
The pebbled pathway to the front door pre-dates the house and is apparently 
of Tudor origin. High ceilings, cornicing, decorative panelling, superb fireplaces, 
charming reception, impressive inner hall with domed ceiling, 
magnificent drawing room, impressive staircase
small garden room....and on and on. 

In this house? 

Surprise, surprise....

 and the house around 1958...

Don't you just love it when life is filled with little surprises!
I look forward to seeing what comes next. 
There certainly are a number of possibilities!
What would you do?

Photos and information about the house, here.


  1. ooh I love it! James said I need 5 houses to get all the things I love in a house. He may be right!

  2. What a great post! I do always love snooping in the interior of a historic home. Thanks so much for sharing both your curiosity and the result of it with us!

  3. One of the things I absolutely love about England is how rich in history it is, and the way the history is appreciated and preserved. Thank you for sharing! The house is so charming.

  4. I concur- great post. Thanks for being ever- ready with your camera for us.
    I've been following a few of your blogs for a couple of months. I so enjoy your subjects and I feel like a get to travel to lovely places (and I share your love of gardens) while tucked away at home in New York. (with my three year old- which keeps me close to home most days).

  5. I love the spots of blue inside the house as well.

  6. How interesting and thanks for the detective work Jeanne. I have to say that I would paint the shutters for a start - to maybe a pale bone colour and replace the wooden gates with iron ones too. XX

  7. I love little stories like that which tend to find us completely by accident. That house looks so nice... xo

  8. This might sound silly, but the house is so very 'English' looking inside...very proper and so refreshing to see!
    Love the light blue and red combinations such as in the staircase view.
    Thank you for the tour...
    xo J~