A Woman's View of the World

Some of you may already be familiar with my other blogs. 
They cover a range of topics including more of my travels around England.
Someday, I hope to merge them all into one. 
Until then, you can find me at the blogs below.
Thank you for reading Finding My Way in England!

one woman's view....
Recent Post: A Country Ride and Midsummer Fair in Kent, here.

elegance and grace..
Recent Post: Purple Paisley Palazzo Pants, here

joys and passions...
Recent Post: Midlife Passions, here

viewing the world....
Recent Post: Regarding Henry Moore, here.

images 1, 3, 4 ~me
Vanessa Redgrave~ Chris Beetle Gallery


  1. I would love having all your blogs in one spot . . . fun idea.


  2. I love reading all of your blogs! I love your adventures in England and your beautiful photographs.

    Happy Sunday, Elizabeth

  3. AnonymousJune 12, 2011

    Nice and thanks!

  4. Funny Jeanne, you think about merging your blogs into one - and I think about dividing mine into different ones!

  5. Lovely! I look forward to visiting all of them :)


  6. I like the idea of them being all together too - you could become the UK version of Pioneer Woman!

  7. I love where I live but I do tire of bluegrass music and yard sales. I long to attend a small country fair; thanks for taking me along today.