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Expat Women: Confessions

On my iPad, a new book by Andrea Martins and 
to read and comment on this book and was happy to do so. The request could not
have come at a better time with move # six sits before us.  
The book covers just about everything.
Here is a sample....

Settling In: 
culture shock, trailing spouses, 
clubs, making fiends, household help,
transitioning quickly

Career and Money: 
work-life balance, loss of career,
financial difficulties, starting a business

Raising Children: 
pregnancy, adoption, teenagers, 
special needs, bilingual children,
empty nest

trailing man, intercultural couples, 
divorce, infidelity, when one wants to go home

Mixed Emotions:
holiday sadness, retiring abroad,
aging parents, medical treatment abroad,
friends back home

sudden exit, visa expiry,
reverse culture shock

I have added the book to my summer reading collection. It is the perfect sort of book
for my iPad for it is one that I see myself referring to in the years to come.
If you are considering an expat life, are new to the expat phenomenon, 
are a well seasoned expat or are in the throws of ' heading home' 
after many years away, you will find this book helpful.

New to Expat Women
It is a great site, you can read about the book 
and this informative site, here

A Vision in Red

I saw it, wished I had bought it, thought about it, saw it again at the 
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show yesterday and bought it! 
I am building on my English 'country attire' which translates to ways 
to stay dry and warm come cooler weather. This Weatherproof Rain Cape is a beauty... 
it's long, has lots of buttons up the side for ease of comfort, it will fit 
over the handlebars of my bike, can be worn over a back pack, it is lightweight 
and best of all it has a hood with a lightweight wool tartan lining. 

It comes in spruce green, warm red, navy blue

Red Riding Hood for me...
I am thinking rain hat next. 

PS to Pamela...
it is calling your name :)

Images:.Top photo-me
Bottom two photos- The Carrier Company

Creating in the Cotswolds

I recently discovered the work of Vanessa Arbuthnott, a very talented designer. I only wish I had the home to compliment her beautiful creations. Thinking that some of you might, I thought I would introduce you. Vanessa started her business ten years ago with an idea, a few samples and her trusty pinking sheers. She had four active children and a loyal team to support her business goals.

The Cotswold countryside is where she lives and serves as inspiration for her designs.  She has nine collections, each sounding better than the last, Hand Printed, Meadow, Earth, Cockerel, Wildflower, Seaside, Garden, Woodland and Sky. With this she adds her signature colours...teal, pidgeon, spinach, buttercup, limestone, clay, damson, duck egg, stone, raspberry, mushroom, cornflower, straw and lettuce. It all sounds as good as it looks.

I think the rest speaks for itself.

It warms my heart to see women move forward with an idea and make it happen. I think Vanessa has done that in spades. My hat goes off to her. :)

To see more of the Vanessa Arbuthnott range, click here.
Images via Vanessa Arbuthnott