A Vision in Red

I saw it, wished I had bought it, thought about it, saw it again at the 
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show yesterday and bought it! 
I am building on my English 'country attire' which translates to ways 
to stay dry and warm come cooler weather. This Weatherproof Rain Cape is a beauty... 
it's long, has lots of buttons up the side for ease of comfort, it will fit 
over the handlebars of my bike, can be worn over a back pack, it is lightweight 
and best of all it has a hood with a lightweight wool tartan lining. 

It comes in spruce green, warm red, navy blue

Red Riding Hood for me...
I am thinking rain hat next. 

PS to Pamela...
it is calling your name :)

Images:.Top photo-me
Bottom two photos- The Carrier Company


  1. Beautiful, Jeanne, and ever so elegant. If you need a warm one as well as a rainproof version, this is where I found one that I utterly loved for years - http://www.jimmyhourihan.com/capes.html

  2. Mise, LOVE your suggestion, thank you!

  3. Little red riding hood it is Jeanne......xv

  4. It's fabulous, Jeanne....it will be beautiful on you and so very British!!

  5. I would absolutely wear one of these capes. They are beautiful. But, I would have to add some wonderful large country dogs to my "look" too!

  6. good grief! just left a comment as to not being able to save your site to my very favorites... and finally figured out how to do it. i apparently was trying to save while on the picture above? i don't know! anyway, i now have saved it and can visit easily! have been going thru the archives. beautiful writing and photography. you definitely have a gift. thank you for sharing it with us!
    tammy j
    ps (please disregard prior technically challenged post!)

  7. How fabulous! You will look great in that, I love the red. Capes are so romantic and vintage looking.

  8. I love this. I have a wool cape that is very similar to this, unfortunately not red.

    You must post a photo of yourself in this cape.

  9. I wonder if it is calling my daughter's name, too. She has finally received her visa and is moving to Bicester on Aug 13. So excited and sad.


  10. GOOD for YOU! Don't you love second chances? I know I do and the cape is so lovely; you'll love it well for many years. Good for you!

  11. Good for you, indeed!
    It's wonderful!

    If you need to be dressed for the weather, it should be in something that makes you happy, feels lovely.