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Last year I wrote a post, Balmy About Boots. I thought for sure this little obsession of mine would pass, but alas, it has not. The topic of thought at the moment is 'wellies, gumboots, mud boots, rain boots', call them what you like, but not all boots are made equal. If you have slopped around in the mud for any length of time you will appreciate this.

Time is passing and the weather is cooling in England. My favourite wellies burst a seam last Spring and I have been in the market ever since. I am looking for the boots that will fit like a glove, have a super strong tread, will stay warm and yes, dare I say it, look good. It has been a toss up for months. The English Hunter brand or the French Le Chameau brand. Such decisions!

I have been thinking....since I am in France at the moment, I might as well try them on...don't you think?
They are a bit expensive, but I know they are designed to last. I expect to be swishing and squashing around in my wellies 20 years from now. They have to be the right ones. So....if I divide, the cost of the boots by 20.... voila!  Bargain city :)

Oh dear, green or black... ugh! Another decision!  I know there are some serious boot enthusiasts amongst you...what say you? Practicality is key. :)

images~Le Chameau

Laissez Faire at Chateau de Cheverny

Hound heaven at Chateau de Cheverny today.
Rest time for one and all.

Paul, Marquis de Vibraye
(Photo taken in
Chateau de Cheverny


Crossing the English Channel

Looking back at the entrance to Cherbourg Harbour.

One of the great things about living in England is the easy access to Europe. We are on a two week holiday in the Loire Valley, France. Getting here from Surrey, England was relatively easy. We packed our car, drove one hour to Portsmouth, hopped on the ferry for a three hour ride to port in Cherbourg, France and we were there. We travelled via Brittany Ferries. 

To set the mood, I listened to a few songs by Charles Trenet.

Once off the ferry, Mr. H had the challenge of adapting a right hand drive car to a left hand driving situation. I admit, it was more challenging for me than him. I sat in the center of the road, gripping my seat for dear life and while he drove hugging the curb. Once we realised that this was an everyday occurrence on European roads we settled right into a natural rhythm and I finally managed to let go of the seat.

We made our way to Chateau d' Audrieu in Lower Normandy, arriving in the evening.

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I make a habit of photographing the view from our window in every hotel we stay in around the world. Some have been memorable and some not. The image below was a welcome sight on  Saturday morning. After breakfast we made our way around the garden and extensive grounds of the chateau. It was a brief visit but well worth the stay.

From our window...
A view of Chateau Adrieu.
A lovely white garden at Chateau Adrieu.

Gardens at Chateau Audrieu.
A maid's walk.

Saying goodbye to Chateau Audrieu we packed up the car once again
and set our sights on the next stop on our list....

My French travels....

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