Secret Places: Dennis Severs' House


She whispers...
I wanted to write all about it, let you in on the secret, but I think
this is the sort of place you have to discover on you own.
When you arrive at the Dennis Severs' House, you will find
this ominous black door awaiting you.
Your first thought I dare enter?

Just below the door knocker...

I wondered what I was getting myself into. My blogging friend, 
'you must see the Dennis Severs' House, it is like no other!' 
I trust Pamela's judgement explicitly.

I looked up for a glimpse of what was to be... and entered.

Having lingered as long as I could, I left as quietly as I entered.
There was just so much to see, I did not want to miss a single thing.
But I did, I am sure.

The next group was waiting to go in. 
I was happy, I left with this book tucked under my arm 
with plans to return one day.

More on the book, here.

'This is a book for anyone who likes to sit by the fire with a glass of wine 
and not worry too much about the fashions of the world. Fashions come and go, 
but there are permanencies of the spirit that join humanity through time--and it was 
such permanencies, vulnerable and often forgotten, that Dennis sought to communicate' 
Jeanette Winterson, THE TIMES

I send my thanks to Pamela for suggesting this wonderful adventure. :)

top images~me
bottom image as noted above.

Visit London: Vintage Fashion

I have been following along Visit London for sometime now and always
enjoy their tips on things to do and see when in London.

My daughters and I have been to a few of the vintage shops listed below. 
Beyond Retro
Radio Days near Waterloo Station
Absolute Vintage
Vintage Fashion at Camden Market
Upcoming vintage fairs

They are well worth the visit.

Have a look at Visit London: Vintage Clothes for more details.
Be sure to check out the upcoming vintage fairs too. 

While we are talking Vintage, 
here are a few more sites that you might like:

and if you are on FACEBOOK
check out these:
 London Jumble, Markets and Fairs
I Love Markets

Once you start looking you will discover 
a whole new vintage world.
You may even come across one of these lovely frocks.

If you have the vintage fashion bug in a big way, 
have a look at this book too.

details here

To get you on your way....a little entertainment.


images and video as noted above

Glamour of the Gods

I went along on Saturday to view the 
 'Glamour of the Gods' exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.
I started to jot down a few of my favourites for this post
but quickly realised it was impossible. I was writing down every image.

Mary Pickford
Lillian Gish
Louise Brooks
Charlie Chaplin
Greta Garbo
Jean Harlow
Buster Keaton
Joan Crawford
Cary Grant
Clark Gable
Katherine Hepburn
Myrna Loy
William Powell

By this point I had only covered the 1920's and 1930's
with three more decades to go. I stopped writing, read every word,
and went around again. They are all fabulous 
and the catalogue is equally as impressive.

Stay a while...the National Portrait Gallery is a treasure in itself.
You could easily pass the day.

Before I go...I admit I had one absolute favourite...

Evelyn Brent, 1899-1975
Image taken by Henry Wasman, 1925

If you see this exhibit, you will leave thinking much as I did,
about another time, on the silent screen....

The exhibit runs through 23 October.

All images from the Joun Kobal Foundation, 2011


nomad. thinker. writer. girl.

Mothers talk and when they do, one thing leads to another...and here we are.
Glenda @ Gg-notes on the journey and I have been blogging buddies for a while now.
She is gracious, warm and like me, has lived the expat life. 

When Glenda wrote to say that her Christy was moving to England, 
I offered to lend a welcoming hand. As Christy lives a distance from me 
I thought I would welcome her by way of this post.  Christy has a great blog, 
where she writes about her experiences as she settles into life in England.
I can relate to that. :)

Christy is a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge 
and has a great collection of photos. 

Christy is in England to become a missionary. 
She is a girl with heart.

She writes
"I've just moved to England to be a missionary and 
Katherine-Hepburn-style office girl (like in 'Desk Set')". 

Scene from the movie 'Desk Set'
I can relate to that too!

I started to think of all the advise I could give to Christy. 
I have cornered the market on travel books and have so many thoughts 
that I do not know where to begin.

I then looked at Christy's blog 
and realised she could teach me a thing or two!
She has many great suggestions which you can read here.

I am so inspired by Christy that I am in the midst of 
developing a series of Travel Diaries with all my favourite
spots around England and beyond. It has proved to be a bit
more challenging that I stay tuned.

In the meantime, 
my advice to Christy as a new expat settling into a country.
(she is a pro at this, being a TCK, but I will say it anyways, more here)

Keep your eyes open.
Never leave home without a camera,
a small journal and pen.
Talk to people, look for stories.
Pay attention to the little things.
Write, write and write some more.
Keep in touch with friends from home.
Make new friends.
When blue, make a point of going someplace new.
I did not mean for that to rhyme ;)
 Buy postcards!
Write postcards and post them.
Look for the unusual.
Find out people's stories.
Start the day looking for a story.
They happen when you least expect it.
Keep a record of all your favourite places.
Write about them.
Say hello to your mother for me.

Yes..I know they are quite simple
but they work!

To Christy, I send my very best and hopes that
we meet someday. 

Before I go...there is one more

Glenda is blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters.

You can meet Jenny 

Signing off to work on my Travel Diaries....

Jeanne xxx

Images via Christy's blog
Desk Set image via The Movie Scene

One Tiara Please....

It's my birthday on Sunday and I have to say the 
Tiara below is looking mighty tempting.
I might just pick one up and wear it for the day.
That should get my kids going. :)

For those of you living in London 
or those who plan to visit before October 3rd 2011, 
here is a little reminder to pick up tickets 

The rooms are used by the Queen and members 
of the Royal Family for State,
 ceremonial and official occasions. 
Nineteen State rooms are
open to visitors.

I am off to see the wedding ensemble 
of The Duchess of Cambridge.

 The remaining weekends are sold out but I did manage 
 two tickets for the last week of September. 
If you are interested, do not delay! 
You can purchase tickets, here.

Wedding photo images via Mail Online
State Room images via The Royal Collection

One Door Closes.....Sissinghurst Garden

I am a firm believer in the 'one door closes and another one opens' attitude on life. 
The weeks pass as we wait on news of our next move. 
The 'Expat Express' is picking up a bit of steam, albeit slowly. 
I look forward to pulling the cord...and blasting the news. 

This photo was taken in a 30 minute rush before closing at Sissinghurst Castle Garden 
earlier in the summer. It was a case of do I or don't I? How could I resist? I am working on a post 
with more information...back with that one soon. 

Since Sissinghurst, we have travelled to France and back. 
It was a wonderful trip, but I have to say...
I was ever so happy to pull into St. Pancras station in London. 
Living in a French world when you do not speak the language can be frustrating. 
I vowed not to return until I can speak the language with depth and understanding. 
I better hop to it as the 'Expat Express' looks like it will be stopping 
in a French speaking country. Parlez vous Francais?