One Door Closes.....Sissinghurst Garden

I am a firm believer in the 'one door closes and another one opens' attitude on life. 
The weeks pass as we wait on news of our next move. 
The 'Expat Express' is picking up a bit of steam, albeit slowly. 
I look forward to pulling the cord...and blasting the news. 

This photo was taken in a 30 minute rush before closing at Sissinghurst Castle Garden 
earlier in the summer. It was a case of do I or don't I? How could I resist? I am working on a post 
with more information...back with that one soon. 

Since Sissinghurst, we have travelled to France and back. 
It was a wonderful trip, but I have to say...
I was ever so happy to pull into St. Pancras station in London. 
Living in a French world when you do not speak the language can be frustrating. 
I vowed not to return until I can speak the language with depth and understanding. 
I better hop to it as the 'Expat Express' looks like it will be stopping 
in a French speaking country. Parlez vous Francais?



  1. I so want to visit Sissinghurst. Lovely picture. I can't wait to hear where you're moving. Not Denmark, apparently:-D
    I understand your frustration. I see myself travelling France in true Julia Child style, but I don't speak a word of French! Must go on the bucket list.

  2. ... oh so exciting ... we shall be waiting to hear ... bon chance

  3. Jeanne, you need to get to the Dennis Severs's house before you depart!! Really! You simply must. You will love it. And I can't wait to read more about your visit to Sissinghurst!

  4. Wow, a french speaking country. You are an amazing woman. We will happily follow you there.


  5. Beautiful photo, I will have to add this to my list of must see places on my next trip. You are giving me so many ideas. I can see why you are getting anxious to begin getting ready for your move. I am excited for you and you are correct, you will definitely learn the language in a French speaking country. Any chance of Paris...

    Cannot wait to hear of your news and to follow your new adventures.

  6. I would love to visit Sissinghurst; it's so beautiful. As to visiting countries where I don't speak the language...just came back from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and only know a few words in each language. People are gracious, for the most part, and it was a fabulous trip.
    I'd hope French people were the same but maybe not...?

  7. That picture is just beautiful, looks like a stunning place. I also like the picture of the old bike with the lovely Brooks saddle!

  8. Oooh, you are such a tease!! And Sissinghurst - I must go there on the next sunny day :) Can't wait to hear where your next dart lands! XOL

  9. I loved visiting Sissinghurst last summer. The gardens were so beautiful. And climbing up the tower to see the room where Vita wrote was exciting. Can't wait to hear where you will be next! For a rushed photo that one is gorgeous!

  10. I'll follow you anywhere...LOL



  11. Oh Jeanne! You are such a tease. Please put us out of our misery quick smart ☺. J x

  12. I always thought that sissinghurst was known for its all white plantation scheme. Was surprised to see flowers of other colours

  13. I always thought that Sissinghurst was known for its all white plantation scheme--surprised to see flowers of other colours