One Tiara Please....

It's my birthday on Sunday and I have to say the 
Tiara below is looking mighty tempting.
I might just pick one up and wear it for the day.
That should get my kids going. :)

For those of you living in London 
or those who plan to visit before October 3rd 2011, 
here is a little reminder to pick up tickets 

The rooms are used by the Queen and members 
of the Royal Family for State,
 ceremonial and official occasions. 
Nineteen State rooms are
open to visitors.

I am off to see the wedding ensemble 
of The Duchess of Cambridge.

 The remaining weekends are sold out but I did manage 
 two tickets for the last week of September. 
If you are interested, do not delay! 
You can purchase tickets, here.

Wedding photo images via Mail Online
State Room images via The Royal Collection


  1. I think tht would be a wonderful outting but had to grin at the reaction of the Queen upon seeing the exhibit...cute!

  2. Oh that would be so lovely to do! One day I will get to visit there! One day!!

  3. Happy Birthday early!!! I am so excited and a bit envious, I would love to go to see this exhibit. I hope you have a wonderful time at the show and that you have big plans for your birthday!!!

  4. Jeanne,
    I commented on "Collage" by accident, but I meant to do it here. Thank you for letting us know about this, I will book my tickets immediately! And yes, that's my daughter Megan. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sunday xxx

  5. Have a wonderful birthday, Jeanne!

  6. Happy Birthday. I would love to see this collection up close & personal. Have fun!