Sissinghurst room at a time

I want to tell you all about the Elizabehtan house set in fields and meadows
 in the beautiful Kent landscape. I want to tell you about the owners, 
Vita Sackville-West, poet, novelist, gardener and her husband, Harold Nicolson, 
writer and diplomat. There is more to their story than you can imagine. 
But that is another story.

I have many photographs from a 30 minute photo shooting spree..
waiting for my words. I think a cold winter's day with time
on hand will be required to write the post that I want to share, 
until thenplease join me as we walk thru
Sissinghurst room at a time.

and then their are the fields and meadows....

I will save that for another time...

Best wishes my green thumbed friends,

Jeanne xx

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  1. Beautiful Jeanne....I have never been but it's certainly a garden I would love to visit....xv

  2. Looking forward to the rest of the field and meadow shots - my kind of heaven. ;)

  3. I have never been!! I would so love to. I am imagining Sarah Raven will be leaving her mark on the gardens? Bx

  4. So beautiful Jeanne! It´s like one of these "enchanted" gardens we remember from fairy tales.
    Have you bean in Essex County? It is great! Do you know Finchingfield, it is in the Braintree district, it is one the loveliest places I´ve been! I think you would love it!A very dear friend of mine took me there to have tea and scones with strawberry jam in the most beautiful scenery

  5. Hi Jeanne! I hope you get back soon for a more extended visit! The photos you posted are beautiful! And I'm looking forward to more! Like you, I'm also sitting on an album of photos from there just waiting for words to surround them! A winter project! Cheers, Joe

  6. How absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait for more! It is my one wish here - that I had more room for a garden.

  7. I have visited there often. You have taken beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. I hope you managed to get back there an have a leisurely look around.

    Also just found your 'Pimlico' post. You have managed to make it look so lovely - just as I always see it (and I lived there for nearly 30 years/still visit my family there).

  8. Oh, I so want to go! Beautiful pictures.

  9. Jeanne, your photos of Sissinghurst are beautiful. I visited for the first time last summer and just loved it. I know what you mean about the stories that can be told about Sissinghurst. There are many and they are fascinating. I will look forward to your post on that, written on a cold day with a fire going and a cup of tea, and am happy today to see your lovely photos and be reminded of what a special place this is!
    xx Sunday

  10. so beautiful, green and quiet !

  11. One of my favourite places on earth.
    Have you read A House Full of Daughters?