Alice in Wonderland, Downton Abbey and Country Houses

My world is blogs are changing...I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland...
perhaps I just need a cup of tea. I am in England...aren't I? Sometimes I wonder... how curious...

I had a Mad Hatter moment on Friday, when it was finally announced that we are 
moving to Vietnam in 2012. Many thoughts went through my being...will anyone 
follow me at Finding My Vietnam?  Decisions, decisions.... I am writing about those 
decisions over here.

To keep my life in perspective, I added Pages under my blog photo and a few new things.
One being my Shop Around the Corner. For those of you..who, like
English books, movies and TV series...I have them all, waiting for you here and here.

Speaking of English movies and TV series...
Two of my favourites are wrapping up this week. I caught up with the last of Season Five on Doc Martin and will see the final episode of Downton Abbey tonight. I know I have a few American readers who equally enjoy both shows. My lips are sealed. :) Can I just say that you will enjoy both immensely!!

Austen Prose

Lastly, I am sending thanks to fellow American expat, Michelloui @ The American Resident, for putting onto what looks to be a great little book. The Anglophiles amongst you should enjoy this one. Some Country Houses and Their Owners by James Lees-Milne.  If you have not met Michelloui, she has a great blog filled with her 20 years of wisdom on living life in the UK. Please stop in and tell her Jeanne sent you. :)
From Amazon UK....
The delightful, gossipy diaries of James Lees-Milne describe his encounters with the owners of country houses - from eccentric lords and oil millionaires to raffish socialists - as he travelled over England saving properties for the National Trust. Here are sharply observed accounts of dinner with Vita Sackville-West at Sissinghurst; Winston Churchill's bedroom at Chartwell; T. E. Lawrence's dilapidated Dorset cottage; and war damage to a great house in Derby. All are infused with his love of beauty and his sympathy for those giving up their ancestral homes forever.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? 
Yes, it looks like a great read!

Dinner calls my friends...and Downton Abbey follows.
I leave thanking you all for hanging out at Finding My Way in England...
you have made the journey all the sweeter for it. :))


  1. Oh sure is exciting for you all at the moment! I'm going to miss these English posts for sure but I am also very excited about learning more about Vietnam!

    You are the most well-travelled person I know!

    Take care and go have that cuppa!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you kind of you to say. xx

  3. Love the English posts, but look forward to learning a lot about Vietnam - to put in my own travel notes:-)

  4. Ooh, that's the reg flag I didn't see on my radar, Jeanne! Goodness, you live in interesting times, my friend. I'm looking forward to your next adventures. J x

  5. Thank you for the mention Jeanne! I'm pleased you like the look of the book--thought you might ;) You'll never look at National Trust houses the same again...

  6. Oh, I am really going to miss this enjoyment of England that I dip into every morning with my cup of coffee. Life is change though, and I'm looking forward to your new adventures. Another good read is James Lees Milne, The Life, by Michael Bloch. Such an interesting man living at the right time, to rescue those beautiful homes for all of us.

  7. Oh, yes! We are midway in Downton season 2. Matthew just got killed, William injured, and I'm jealous you are ahead of us!

    Been reading Madresfield, which is about the estate where Evelyn Waugh was inspired to write Brideshead Revisited, based in part on his relationship with the family. A Waugh bio and Brideshead are both on the pile. Also sneaked a peek at two Downton-related books I just gave as a gift! Loving this series. But then, what's not to love. You may have heard, but today they announced that next season Shirley MacLaine will play Cora's mother!