A wander to Petersham Nurseries and Ham House

I recently came to a conclusion. I have been finding my way in England for nearly two years now and have decided that it is a journey that never ends. I am using this blog to remember my favourite parts of England and my travels throughout. I write it about it here and my other blog, Collage of Life. I will
write on this blog for as long as we live in England. At the moment that it looking like June 2012. 
Until then, the life of Jeanne...in England, as she sees it. :)

Through the looking glass at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond...

and a walk down a 150ft (50m) long herbaceous garden path...

to the secret world of Petersham House, inside and out. 

We stood in silence, along with our friend below, 
admiring the beauty of it all.

which then led to another adventure..

to the many faces of National Trust property, Ham House 

where, at this very moment,  a 'No Visitors Allowed' sign sits on it's gate 
while a film crew is busy at work...

Ham House is a 400-year-old-treasure, in large part, due to the vision of a remarkable woman, Elizabeth Murray, Countess of Dysart. There is much to tell in the history of this grand house. The Countess played her part in the English Civil War and the restoration of the monarchy that subsequently followed. It is worth a visit to find out more. The furniture, paintings and textiles on display are well worth the visit...but then again, I am partial to all endeavours of the National Trust. :)

Visiting a National Trust property, any property in the UK for that matter,
is like opening the most splendid gift. You start from one end and carefully unwrap
each layer, taking time to make the moments last as long as you can. 
And...just when you think you have the gift truly in hand, you discover 
there is another waiting for you, in the form of a garden...and what a garden it is. :)

Just the mere mention of a 'kitchen garden' is pure delight. :)

On that note...signing off with a show that I just caught on TV last night,
a 4 part landmark BBC One series, The Manor Reborn. The show follows a team of 
historian, designers and volunteers as they refurbish a 500 year old Manor, Avebury. 
It is fascinating! You can read about it here and watch it here.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


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  1. What a lovely post. I love your description of visiting the National Trust properties. This makes me want to return to England soon...sigh...I just can't get enough. I love London, but also the English countryside and the historic homes and sights. Have a great weekend, Jeanne!
    xx Sunday

  2. It's so much fun for me to watch your wonderful photo journey through England!! I am happy to travel vicariously through your eyes!!

  3. What an amazing home and garden, a lovely place to visit. Thanks

  4. OH, so lovely! My heart sings with delight when you take us on these visits. I get such a lovely glimpse of the wonders of England.

    June 2012, off to a new adventure! Looking forward to experiencing Vietnam through your lens.

    Happy weekend to you as well!

  5. It's a joy to read your narration with clear pictures that make the words alive as if they are being whispered to me while I walk on the places where you have been.

  6. What a nice blog -- have just discovered it. I'm glad you've enjoyed your time in England -- why do you have to leave?

    I'm an American expat -- been here for 18 years. I guess that makes me a lifer....:)