Christmas in London

I hopped the train into London the other night.
Along the way, I thought of you and sent a Tweet to Twitterville.
From my phone, I wrote...

Off to Covent Garden...

Passing National Gallery...

London lights are twinkling...

 A beautiful night in London...

Wish you were here....

A passing thought on a November night in London. :)

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful weekend.

Jeanne xx

PS...if you follow me at Collage of Life, you may know that
we are moving to Vietnam in July 2012. I wondered as I was
 walking in London, what I will be doing on a November
night in Ho Chi Minh next year... bit different, yes?



  1. Wish I was there, too! What a beautiful night.

    Thin is this the best tweet ever:

    "Off to Coven Garden...Beautiful Night in London!"

    Thank you for taking me along!

    (off to catch up on your news..Vietnam! Wow, what an amazing adventure!

  2. London is beautiful at night this time of the year! Helps make those short days a little more tolerable.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I've always loved London and that is what first attracted me to your blog. These pictures are great. I can't wait to visit one day and see for myself. I was saddened to hear that you are moving, only because I've loved your posts and take on English life. I do however look forward to reading about Vietnanm. It will be interesting! Thanks for taking us along on your journey : )